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This is for a bullying/p. pressure contest, so I need some honest feedback!
Name: Christina Grisanzio
Address: ********************
Age: eleven
Grade: 6th Grade
School: ************************

I started my first day at a new school without a friend. Another new girl, Mao, introduced herself to the class. We sat next to eachother in every class, and became inseparable for the first months of school. She gradually spent more time with soccer jocks, and was accepted in the clique. I knew she was trying to make friends and become popular along with every other middle schooler. As she became socially accepted, she treated me less like a friend. She punched me roughly when all I’d do was forget to share my snack with her. I assumed this was how she treated her friends back in her hometown, where she moved from.

I dreaded being around her, and feared if I didn’t look ‘fashion updated’, she’d publicly humiliate me. One day, after telling me again how I was ‘fashionably useless’, I decided not to shrug it off or laugh. Later on, she asked if I was mad. I nodded and walked away.

That night, she raged on IM to my friends, told my (very) personal secrets, and said that she wanted me dead. I furiously messaged Mao, and told her I knew what she did, and she started harassing me in her messages. Part of me said being mean and fighting back was the only way she would learn, but deep down, I knew better. Instead, I expressed to her how I felt when she would pick food off my tray, or hurt me. While I doubted she would understand, part of me hoped she would apologize and beg for forgiveness. Yeah right! She signed off IM, and the next morning when I saw her at school, I ignored her. I wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do, or if I should just let it go. After all, she was new to the school. I kept thinking, ‘Everybody makes mistakes.’ I guess I just didn’t want to admit I was being bullied, so I made excuses for her.

I was afraid her, and of what I was getting myself into, but at the time, I worried that Mao was the only thing keeping me somewhat popular. When I noticed her treating my friends poorly, though, it was a given: We could not be friends.

Many people become friends with Mao, but very quickly, their feelings toward her change. Mao may never realize the cycle she goes through with people.
I hope she does.

Hey! I won third place in the contest and won autographed books, money, and an award! Thanks for all your feedback, it helped!

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