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To what measure can we best define our true selves?
Late nights truckers brave the storms as the snow blizzards rage in horizontal winds of ice and rain. Some heard it howl and other drivers have seen it running side by side with their rigs at top speeds of seventy miles per hour. The moon dog seems, to most, to be a hallucination of the mind, moreover; others find that the dog is a haunted spirit seeking its master. I find that whenever the human being suffers from loneliness it conjures a symbolic image that best represents and strongly symbolizes faithfulness and companionship. A person’s conscience mind may have accepted that it must be alone for long periods of time, but the human internal biological needs are a completely different matter. The body must produce hormones, and its inner organ juices to help keep those things that function involuntarily such as the heart, lungs and kidneys working in synchrony to biological rhythms of nature. However, when the human being deprive it’s body from certain stimuli the mind will derive things from the human belief systems, whether it be religion or symbolic, to create a mechanism that will stimulate the release of needed endocrine juices that may very well enable the person to survive internally without the human being even noticing the power of internal faith, healing and creation. The internal science of the human being requires far more understanding than that of internal medicines, religions ad psychology of today has to offer. The actual rhythmic beating of the heart is the natural inner ability of the human being to orchestrate and compose a symphony that calls out to its world and surrounding environment to demand a form of response or confirmation that corresponds, correlates and justifies that it is living and that all is well. Certain bacteria may grow from the mucous entrails of a snail while emanating attractive by product waste secretions to deliberately attract ants to devour them into their digestive tracts. While hosting in the ants digestive tracts the bacteria secrets an enzymes that dissolves the internal digestive mechanisms to eradicate the insect’s primitive chemical instinct to seek food. With in the ant it secretes yet another enzyme that disorients the ant to believe that it is upside down and must elevate itself to higher ground to get its bearing against the gravitational pulls of the earth. This physiological study has been noted in many behavioral studies of zoological societies. These studies support that insects when placed in a jar, or transparent container for better viewing, will always crawl to the up position at the top of the container. And although the insect may have been originally positioned at the bottom of the container it will resume a position at the top of the container away from the gravitational pulls of the earth. This enzymes replaces the insects need to search for food with a new instinctive need to find its place away from the gravitational pulls of the earth so in turn it crawls to the top and very ends of a blade of grass where inadvertently a cow may ingest the grass, the ant and the mind controlling bacteria. The reason for the bacteria needs to infest the cow is so that it may colonize and reproduce. Thus, spreading its DNA or genes within its host to survive against the elements which may have otherwise been washed away with a garden hose in some ones backyard. This mind controlling bacteria today is known as "Mad Cow Disease".

Inadvertently, many humans may too have been subject to dysfunctional behavior, criminal mischief or learning disabilities due to the nature nurtured bacteria that line the inner colon of the large and small intestines. Every human has bacteria lined colons and very little study has been ever done to determine if there exists a relation between the involuntary functions of the inner organs, the secretion rates of inner juices, the well being of physiological conduits, secretion ducts from the pancreas, gall bladder, the heart, and glands the human will to decide and the decisions the brain makes according to the surrounding matrix of its internal and external universes.
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