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Words are best kept by the keepers of words.
Who has decided that words are best kept by the keepers of words?  And who decided that certain knowledge should not be granted to the ears of the youth?  It is a wonder that things like redepmtion, reconciliation and forgiveness are mechanisms designed for future tense purposes.  While passing through life we undergo maturation and little has ever been recorded about a teenagers transition into adulthood  unless the teen has created a phenomenal feat or has made a mark in the books to be remembered.  As I carefully observe I find that the lost, the forgotten and the forsaken are those who have been swayed by the lesser complicated world called sin.  It is because knowlege has been written in such tenses and styles that many people are without its uses and suffer.  Why should laws be written so that only lawyers may understand them?  And why are medical terms and scientific knowledge designed so that only advanced students at college levels or scientist may may reap the benefits of their use and rewards?  While it may be true that some may commit to disorderly conduct due to a lack of better judgement, I find that a lack of better judgement is more a lack of one's ability to draw upon knowledge and wisdom that may save oneself from reacting to a provocative  altercation.  While in the realm of adults we find the convenience of salvation because we are surrounded by tools and a seasoned practice of reasoning.  However, society would be the first to call a child a genious if he/she were to resolve there own problems and create solutions for the world's economical disasters.  We are fast to label a child "prodigy" if the child is well informed and obtains well balanced reasoning skills, but for a child who had access to the resources of a scientist it would be common place for a child to question life and all its mysteries. It therefore becomes necessary to believe in eternity when a society is designed to inform its people when its too late and their too old to make a difference.  Knowledge that inspires and does not mislead should be universal and accessable for all ages and races.  There should exist curriculums that are designed in a manner that all persons of every level of understanding could enter and participate in learning and grow.  to be continued.......
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