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This describes why the most important ideal in Moomintopia is FREEDOM.

There is one ideal that is held dear above all others in moomintopia: FREEDOM.

Within the context of cyberspace, this must apply primarily to freedom of expression. 

As a recovered schizophrenic, there is not much I do not know, and have not experienced, about verbal abuse. Some of it has been face-to-face personal, but most of it has been in the media.  Here, schizophrenics are presented as unpredictable, unstable, “mad” people, responsible for murder and other atrocities, and have to be locked up.

Does the personal abuse bother me?  NO.  Why not?  Because I have long since risen above it. 

Does the media abuse bother me?  NO.  Why not?  Because what it tells me is that people have little or no understanding of the mind, let alone of the sick mind.  And it is not appropriate to get angry with ignorance.  It is appropriate to teach ignorance.  Nor is it appropriate to tell ignorance to keep its mouth shut.  It is appropriate to invite ignorance to express itself.  If it does not tell one all its wrong ideas and wrong thinking, how can one correct them?

This, then, is an experiment in freedom.  It is my intention that there should, ultimately, be space for anyone and everyone on this site, with no restrictions whatsoever on what can, or cannot, be voiced.

My intention is to prove that this leads to goodness, and not badness.

If this is successful, it is my intention that it should be followed up by an experiment in ANARCHY.  I intend to establish a community living without any rules.  I anticipate that such a community will prove to be a community of the happiest, healthiest, most creative, wealthiest and best individuals the world has ever seen.

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