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by Gav
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #1356866
A story about a fat boy who gains weight for a girl he has a crush on.
Devon was in the shower. The warm water felt good on his fat body. His Monday had been a tough one. School had sucked that day. He had a big science test, and of course he didn't study because he had forgotten all about it in the hype of the weekend. He guessed on every question and knew he had failed it. Of course, he didn't really care much. He did okay in school. He wasn't "gifted", but he got by with the usual A's, B's, and occasional C's.

Devon's best friend was Gavin. Gavin was just as fat as he was. In fact, the friends vowed to always stay the same weight. Their current weight was 176 lbs. Both boys were thirteen and were roughly the same height as well. Gavin was smart that morning. He managed to fake sick so that he wouldn't have to take the test until Tuesday. His parents expected much out of him. What he lacked physically, they wanted him to make up for it mentally.

Devon was so preoccupied with his thoughts, that he almost forgot he was in the shower. Suddenly, a knock came at the door.

"Your father and I are going out to dinner with Gavin's parents!" his mom announced. "Gavin'll be here soon, so hurry out and get dressed!"

"Okay!" Devon yelled back.

He got to work on bathing his body, which took some time because there was so much of it. He started with his belly. He scrubbed it down with the bar of soap continuously until it shined with cleanliness. He stuck a soapy finger into his bellybutton to get it clean too.

Next came his butt. He scrubbed down each cheek as hard as could. He made his way down to his legs and finally his feet. Suddenly, the door burst open and the shower curtains got flung back.

"Gavin!" Devon shouted angrily. "You stupid pervert!"

"We've known each other since we were born," Gavin said. "By now, you shouldn't mind if I see you naked. Besides, you've seen me naked plenty of times too!"

"I wish I didn't, you sicko!" Devon yelled.

"Whatever," Gavin said. "So how many bars of soap did it take to wash that big ol' butt of yours? Like, 30? 40? 50?"

"Only two! And I mean, just look at your butt! It's almost bigger than mine!"

"Whatever," Gavin said again. "Like I care. I don't care about being fat."

"Yeah, me neither," Devon said, drying off and putting on his clothes. "But, don't you think it wouldn't hurt to lose a little weight?"

"What?! Why? It's so hard and it's not worth it!"

"But girls hate fat for some reason," Devon said. "And I want to get noticed by...Amanda."

"That huge girl almost as fat as us?" Gavin laughed. "You like her?"

"Well, she's fat and doesn't care," Devon said, "just like us."

"But I bet she hates fat boys," Gavin said. "She'll never like you."

"Maybe I could lose some weight," Devon said. "Just a little. She'll like me then."

"We'll do a test tonight," Gavin said. "Amanda always walks down your street at 7:00. If we can make you skinny by then and put you within eyeshot, maybe we'll get a reaction."

"Great idea!" Devon said. "But how am I supposed to get skinny in the next three minutes?"

"You'll just suck it in," Gavin said. "And I can make sure you keep that belly in."

"Okay," Devon said, taking a deep breath. "My belly's in. How do I keep it like that?"

"I'll tie this sheet around you," Gavin said, lifting up Devon's shirt and tying up his belly. He stuck the knot in his bellybutton and let the shirt down. "Now go to the window! Here she comes!"

Amanda came to the window and paused. Devon was standing with his back to her so his belly would be even less viewable.

"She's gone," Gavin said, "and she looked...disappointed almost."

Devon let his belly out of his chest and the sheet unraveled and fell to the floor. "That must mean she's one of those girls who likes big boys!"

"I've heard of this," Gavin said. "You might be the same way, Devon. You like her and she's fat."

"Then that's it!" Devon said. "I'm gaining weight!"

"WE'RE gaining weight," Devon said. "Remeber our vow?"

"Oh yeah," Devon said. "Well, we might as well start now! Let's order pizza!"

"We'll need a lot," Gavin said. "Do you have the money for it?"

"Yeah, I do!" Devon said. "I have enough to buy ten large pizzas!"

"Then we each get five," Gavin said. "I'll order, my voice is deeper."


The pizzas arrived in later than thirty minutes, so it was free.

The boys started slowly, but soon their eating got faster and faster. As full as they were by the third pizzas, they forced thmeselves to go on.

"I...*belch*...can't suck it in, Gavin," Devon groaned. "Are we sure this is a good idea?"

"*BELCH!* Yeah," Gavin smiled, patting his humongous belly. "This is the best idea I've ever had! And this is just the beginning!
© Copyright 2007 Gav (devfat at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1356866