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Requsting some assitance in attaining faith
God? Who is this god?
Everyone talks of him
But I don’t see his tracks
Where are his Footprints?
You know, the ones that weakness shows.

I don’t know that I can believe you,
When you say he’s all around us.
All you do is spurt the same tired ideas.
Did you find this “evidence” yourself,
Or is it something you’ve picked up along the road?

Show me proof that he’s around,
That he’s not just another tinker.
That he’s not a nihilistic night watch.
Who laughs at our trials,
And adds to our tribulations.

I want to believe, truly, I do
I’m scared of the dark beyond
Can’t imagine simply not existing
But that alone is what keeps me clinging to faith
In hopes that this poor soul doesn’t burn in Hell

So for the time being I’ll wait
Keep my mind open to what I’m told.
But should nothing new be said,
Then my faith may fade to nothingness.
Just to be another memory to cherish.
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