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In this story Supergirl shrinks Lex Luthor down and tortures him under her feet.
Kara Zor El

“Bet you wished you were sent to jail now huh Luthor?” She giggled.

“You’ll never get away with this!” I glared at her, “You’re not smart enough to cover your tracks. Eventually someone will come looking for me”

“You’re awful confident for someone six inches tall” she smiled down at me. “Luckily I don’t have to cover my tracks since you already made sure nobody could connect you with the shrinking machine. Now let’s think of what else I can do to keep my little prisoner entertained.”

She scratched her forehead. I could tell she was thinking how to humiliate me further. Suddenly her face lit up. “I know” She said smiling so widely that it caused me to shudder, “Let me show you your new jail cell.”

She gently placed me on the ground and knelt down beside me. I struggled to look past the toes of her bright red boots to see what she was doing. Her hand reached for the heel of her right boot and began tugging at it. “Boy these boots are on tight” She said as she struggled to pull it off “I must have been wearing them too long.” Eventually after continued tugging at the cuff of her boot and the heel, the leather boot slipped off making a soft sucking sound. She slowly set to work removing the other one. I was surprised to see that she wore socks underneath them. Somehow I had always pictured her pulling them up over bare feet. Seeming to read my thoughts she explained that her costume was limited by what she had on at the time. In her hurry to change into her costume she would often pull those boots over socks or stockings depending what she had on. While most of the time she would wear them barefoot, this time I was “fortunate” enough she had chosen something that would make her feet extra sweaty. Anyway her socks were white and ankle high allowing me to see the gorgeous curves of her bare ankles. While the socks looked white enough to be new, they were damp and clung tightly to her feet. I could see her toes wiggling underneath her socks. She lifted her foot to reveal a gray outline of her sole on the bottom of her socks. Clearly she worked up quite a sweat. The act of her taking off her boots had me completely mesmerized. I hoped the rest of her clothes would follow. Unfortunate I was very disappointed. Instead she picked up her leather boots, smiled down at me saying “Pick one right or left!”

It instantly dawned on me what she had in mind and I quickly began to run. Her foot came down on me with superspeed. “Not so fast Lex” she told me. I struggled to move but I couldn’t escape. While her foot was amazingly soft it held me firmly in place. Hoping she was in the dark about the full extent of the shrinking project, I attempted to appeal to her superhero tendencies.

“You can’t do this Supergirl” I wailed “I’d suffocate and die in there”

“Oh Please Lex! Did you really think you’d be able to fool someone with x-ray vision?” She laughed “How do you think I was able to work the machine, I read through the lab-notes at superspeed. I know all about the increased durability of the subjects. While I can’t guarantee a pleasant time in there, you would at least survive. Now stop stalling and pick a home!!!”

I still struggled to talk my way out of this. “C’mon Supergirl you don’t believe in torture” She grew impatient and stomped her foot down hard. The sole banged against me at amazing speed and the floor cracked around me. Durability or not I howled in pain.
“Lex I have other things to do. Now pick a boot or I’ll stomp you flat!!”

I needed no more added incentive to scream my muffled answer against her sock. “mmefff!!”
She giggled slightly realizing my ability to answer her was hindered by her sole. She moved her foot back just enough so she could see my face.

“I’m sorry. What was that?” She asked innocently.

I was extremely tempted to tell her to go to hell but the pressure of her toes against my chest reminded me I was at her mercy for the time being. Sucking in my pride I once again forced out my response.

“Left.” I coughed.

“Are you sure?” she asked feigning concern.

I reluctantly nodded. Knowing she was right handed, I had the remote hope she used her left foot less.

She tilted the opening of her left boot towards me.
“Okay!” she said taking her foot off of me, “Get in.”

I walked towards the tunnel before me like a death row prisoner walking his last mile. Just as I was about to go inside her foot moved in front of me to block my way.

“Just a second Lex,” She said. “I think just like any other home you should pay rent to live there.”

I didn’t like where this was going. The way she was smiling made me shiver.

She slowly started to peel off her socks gently rolling them off her heels and pulling them away to reveal beautiful red painted toes. She sat down in front of me stretching her feet towards me wiggling her toes “Say hello to your new landlords” She chuckled. “Don’t worry their nice individuals they even went out of their way to accept payments in kisses.”

I didn’t take a criminal genius to figure out what she wanted. She nudged my mouth with her toe. “Pucker up” she ordered. Reluctantly I complied.
“Good!” She smiled petting my head with the bottom of her foot. “Now kiss them”
Slowly I bent my lips towards her big toe giving it a quick peck in the slight hope of appeasing her. As I suspected my brief tribute wasn’t enough to satisfy her.

“That’s it?” she asked sounding disappointed. “C’mon Lex worship them like they have the power to grind you into dust!”

Her hint was far from subtle and it had the desired affect on me. Not wanting her to demonstrate that particular ability, I instantly began to plant kiss after kiss on her pretty feet with such vigor that it would appear to any observer that I was deeply in love with them. Satisfied that I was giving her feet the treatment she felt they deserved Supergirl leaned back and relaxed allowing herself to enjoy the sensations my tiny lips stimulated. She closed her eyes and began moaning softly occasionally ordering me to switch between feet or stimulate a certain part of her foot.

While I was required to kiss her feet with such passion that it fooled anyone into thinking I enjoyed this task, I found it incredibly unpleasant. First of all there was something intensely humiliating about the experience of kissing one of my sworn enemies’ feet. I was the richest and powerful men in the world and here I was forced to service the feet of a young girl. Worst, it was the feet of one I despised for repeatedly foiling my schemes. Worse still, she was deriving a great amount of physical and emotional pleasure at my expense.

My cheeks burned red with humiliation and rage and I struggled to hold back tears.

The sighs caught me off guard and my initial thought was that she was exaggerating her enjoyment of my kisses in an effort to increase my humiliation. However, as her sighs increased she seemed to forget I was there causing me to suspect that she was deriving genuine pleasure from me.

After about an hour of kissing the tops of her feet, her heels, soles, and toes. Supergirl gently kicked me away. “That’s good enough Lex” she said. “Don’t worry they’ll be plenty of time to worship my feet later on”

I gulped.

She placed the opening of her boot before me again. “Climb in” she ordered. I did. Before I got to wander the cavern before me. Supergirl tilted her boot up straight causing me to tumble to the bottom. The spongy insole of her boot broke my fall.

Landing in the bottom of her boot started a vivid experience that could only be described as the stuff nightmares were made of. All of my senses were working overtime as my brain attempted to process my new surroundings. The first thing I noticed was the scent of her feet. Supergirl’s feet had a unique scent to them. A type of cheddar popcorn smell I was all too familiar with from my last hour of worshiping. That same smell was all over the atmosphere of her boot. Only here it seemed to be magnified 100 times. Every time I took a breath I felt like I was kicked in the gut. I never imagined being overpowered by the smell of her feet alone, but here I was teary eyed and coughing all from being forced to breathe it in.

I felt like I was in an Amazon rainforest. The combination of heat and sweat her foot had left behind had created a damp humid environment that became increasingly unpleasant the longer I was in there. The heat her foot had created left the interior feeling like it was 100 degrees while the dampness of her sweat left me soaking wet.

I imagined that given enough time away from Supergirl’s feet, her boot could air out, cool down and dry out. A couple of hours would allow the fresh air blowing through the top of boot to cool it off. A few days of leaving her boots unworn in the sun might dry them out. Who knows maybe even leaving her boots in a breezy area for a few months might eliminate the smell? However, I seriously doubted she was going to allow any of those things to happen. I would find out soon enough that I was right.

I looked around my new “Prison” taking advantage of the few minutes of unhindered light she allowed me to have. Looking up from the heel section was like staring up from a really deep well with a crawl tunnel at the bottom. I observed the tunnel cave leading to the toe of the boot. I took notice of gigantic footprint that I imagined years of footsweat had engraved in the insole on the bottom.

After a few minutes I saw a gigantic eye peek in on me. “Peek-a-boo,” Supergirl said. I jumped. “Aw didn’t mean to startle you”

Of course that’s exactly what she intended unless her x-ray vision is affected by giggling too hard.

“So how do you like it in there?” Supergirl asked “Cozy?”

“You might wanna consider odor-eaters” I coughed out “Though I doubt even the extra strength version could get rid of the smell”

“Should that be so surprising? I work up quite a sweat defending the planet and I’ve used these boots for years” she chuckled.

“Go ahead Supergirl laugh it up.” I said in a foolish attempt to salvage my pride “Of course when I get out of this you’ll be taking Kryptonite just to escape my wrath.”

“Now now Lex don’t so such a grump,” She chided me. “After all I went out of my way to provide you with first class accommodations. Although…now that I think about it…you haven’t had a chance to get the full experience of everything this room has to offer”

I knew what she was planning. I used the same tone of voice in final communications to anyone who was stupid enough to experience my displeasure. I also knew exactly where I was and what the obvious next step (no pun intended) in my humiliation would be. Her next words confirmed what was fast becoming my greatest fear.

“After all what good is a boot without a foot to wear it on”
Knowing something bad is going to happen does not make actually experiencing it any easier. I found myself resorting to begging. Unfortunately all my pleas were ignored

“Lie down Lex”
“Please Supergirl you can’t do this. I’ll kiss your feet. I’ll even donate all my money to good will. Anything you want. Just please pleeease don’t do this.”

“All I want now is for you to lie down against the insole and make yourself comfortable. Don’t make me ask you again. Trust me you don’t want to be standing around when your ‘roommate’ arrives. I’d hate to have to knock you into place.”

I still hesitated. “Please Supergirl you…”

She didn’t wait for me to finish “Suit yourself …ready of not here comes my big smelly foot,”

Her face disappeared and I felt the ground move as the boot was suddenly lifted off the floor. I watched in horror as her red painted toes entered the boot and wiggled their way in. I tried to back away as the toes began to quickly inch towards me eventually slamming into me with the force of a sledgehammer. My back was knocked into her sweat-stained insole as her foot continued its path positioning itself over me. I felt the ball of her foot press against my chest as I was dragged (my face now caught between her big and second toe) deeper into the boot. I felt the soft wrinkled arch of her foot place itself over my legs and stomach. Supergirl’s boot were designed to fit tightly to her foot. This probably led to a lot of trouble removing or putting on the boots. After witnessing her struggle to remove her boots this afternoon I suspected it would take a few minutes of tugging on the cuff of her boots to get them on properly. However this time all she had to do was stomp her foot. In one painful instant her heel came crashing down and I was scrapped across her insole and my head banged against the toe of her boot. It didn’t matter how silky soft and creamy her foot actually was. That stomp hurt like hell. It was like having your entire body mashed by a steel beam and I found myself screaming against her sole.

“Hee-hee that tickles” Supergirl laughed. “Have to remember if I want a good giggle all I have to do is make you scream.”

For a couple of moments she kept her foot pressed hard against the floor allowing me to experience the excruciating amount of pain she could cause me. Eventually she relaxed her foot and lifted it off the ground. I felt the pain subside instantly as the pressure was removed. Her foot was still pressed against me but it was different then when she placed it against the floor.

“Cmon Lex…let’s go for for a walk” I heard her say. Her foot came crashing down and I felt the pressure of her foot pressing into to the ground. It didn’t hurt the same way her initial stomp had but it still felt extremely uncomfortable. Her foot remained on the ground for less than a second before the pressure relaxed as I was lifted into the air only to crash down a second later. This process was repeated about ten times before I felt my world spin around as her foot twisted against the floor. There was another series of lifts and crashes followed by another twist. Clearly she was pacing the room.
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