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Here's the second part. It's an improvement. More detail.
The numbing fullness disrupted Devon's sleep all that night. Not only was his tummy impossible to suck it, but it rumbled continuously from being it's uncomfortably gaseous fullness. Was all this even worth it?

"Yes," he decided.

Devon managed to push his large body off of the bed and he quietly made his way to the kitchen.

"Food is half my life now," he whispered, "but I've got to get used to eating a lot so I don't get these stomach aches."

The fat boy grabbed a jug of milk from out of the fridge. He carefully poured himself a tall glass.

"There," he sighed. "This'll help."

He slurped down the cool, white, creamy, liquid and sighed when it fell into his belly. It was like the fire in his belly had been extinquished. He rubbed his chest in relief. His heart burn was easing up and he became less nauseated after he let out a few belches.

"Okay, one more glass and then it's back to bed."

Devon slowly gulped down his second glass of milk. He closed his eyes and rubbed his belly in content. He belched again.

"That's better," he yawned. And he strecthed until his white T-shirt went all the way up to his chest. He hiccuped and dizzily made his way back to bed, the sloshing of milk in his tummy clearly audible.


Devon woke up with a full bladder. He gave his alarm clock a glance. 3:00 AM.

"Great," he groaned. "Have to wake up again in four hours."

The sound of flushing filled the dark house. Devon gave a sigh of relief.

"Belly's feeling better. Not so bloated."

The fat boy grunted as he put his boxers back on. He went back to bed with a long moan.


Devon woke up from one of the best dreams he ever had. Like most of his recent dreams it involved Amanda. When he got out of bed, he noticed there was big gaping hole in his boxers.

Devon searched his drawers for some new undies after tossing his ripped boxers to the ground. All he could find were a pair of gray briefs. They were a snug fit. He disliked the way they hugged his butt. He would go crazy if he had to go all day with a wedgie.

Devon was scared to go to school. He didn't think he could look at Amanda ever again after having dreams about her. But the thing was, he just couldn't look away. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn't realize what time it was.

"10:30!" he gasped.

"Oh, sweetheart," said his mom, entering the room, "your up. Good. I was going to tell you. I've decided you can skip school for today."

"What? Why?"

"Well, I had an important business meeting at the office today and didn't have time to drop you off, so I figured I would let you sleep. I mean, you haven't had many sick days and there aren't any big tests today. Your father is at work, so it's just you and me."

Great...the one chance to pig out and gain, completely ruined! Unless...unless, he told her the truth.

"Mom," Devon said slowly, "you know I'm a man now, right?"

"Well, yeah," Mom laughed. "13 is entering manhood so the other moms tell me, but you still act like a boy anyway."

"Yeah. Well, as a man, you know I like LIKE girls."

"Well, I should hope so!" Mom chuckled.

"Yeah well, you know I'm fat, right?"

Mom frowned. Then she smiled again.

"So you're not ashamed," Mom giggled. "I'm glad to hear that."

"You are? Good! And you'll be happy if I like it and you'll be perfectly fine with me gaining more!"

Mom fell deathly silent and frowned.

"...Yes," she said softly.

"So I can gain more for a girl. A fat girl I really, really like."

"Oh, YES!" Mom said excitedly. "I knew this would happen! Your father and I are the same way! Oh, I'm so proud! Just think of all the little chubby grandkids I'll have! You'll need privacy for this. Oh, but I wish I could help! I know, I'll buy more groceries! Oh, good luck gaining, Devon! I'll be back soon!"

Devon couldn't believe it. His parents were like him. They were actually supporitive of gaining weight!

"Oh, where should I start?" he said to himself. "Ice cream is always a good choice!"

Devon got out a huge tub of ice cream and started eating. He ate fast, he ate like a pig. Ice cream dripped off of his chin, onto his chest, down his belly, into his belly button, and onto his briefs.

"God, these things grab my butt to much!" Devon goraned, grabbing his undies out of his crack. "I'm getting a wedgie! There's just too much butt for such little briefs!"

Having no clean underwear, Devon did the only thing logical. He took of his undies and locked himself in his room completely naked. On the door he left a note reading, "Dear Mom, leave food outside. Enjoying gaining."

Once inside, Devon saw that he had no gaining equipment. He quickly grabbed the bathroom scale and his ice cream and locked himself in his room again.

"This is so worth it!" Devon laughed, shoveling the ice cream down his gullet. He was eating so messily, he got ice cream all over his belly. He decided to lick it all off and keep going. When he was half-way done, he was only slightly full. He rubbed his belly and stretched until the sensation of fullness became less intense.

Suddenly, Devon heard a noise at the door. He grabbed the food his mom had bought for him and dug in. He devoured six packs of chocolate pudding. He wasn't full at all.

After eating half a box of cereal, he only felt slightly full, but stretching and rubbing made expanded his belly muscles and he could still eat more.

Devon actually laid off most of the junk food. He decided being fat wasn't worth it if you were unhealthy.

He messily constructed ten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ate them just as quickly as they were made. He belched. He was about half full now.

Time for dessert. Devon decided he would eat more of the ice cream his mom had bought. He dug through another half of a container. Still, he wasn't full to bursting.

Next, he ate a bag of chips. Because they were baked chips, he decided to eat two bags. He belched and rubbed his belly.

"Still some room," he smiled. He patted his belly and ate more of the box of cereal and devoured the remaining half of one of the containers of ice cream. He then ate five doughnuts and washed it all down with water and regular and diet soda.

Suddenly a knock came at Devon's window. He peeked through the blinds and saw it was Gavin. This was too good a chance to pass up!

"Aw! Gross!"

Devon couldn't help but laugh at the face Gavin made after looking straight into his fat, round butt.

"Your sick! Put on some clothes and let me in!"

"I don't have any! Devon laughed, his humongous belly wobbling.

"Then take these pants," Gavin said, crawling over the window sill. "I was prepared in case I ripped mine at school toady."

"Why would you rip your pants?"

"Cause I was eating so much!" Gavin explained. "I brought all sorts of food to school. I smuggled it in my back pack. I ate during four bathroom breaks."


"Yeah, it was kind of hard to keep down. I also ate my HUGE lunch and paid three other kids to eat their lunches!"

"Wow, it shows."

"I skipped gym and ate in the locker room too," Gavin smiled. "Amanda kept looking at me too for some reason."

"Really?" Devon said, a little jealously.

"Well, whatever. It looks like you've been eating too!"

"Yeah, my mom is supportive and bought me all that food!"

"I have food too!" Gavin said excitedly. "Let's spend the night and eat!"

"And gain!" Devon said. "I have a scale too, see?"

"Yeah!" Gavin laughed. "We'll be so much fatter by the end of the week! I can't wait!"
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