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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Crime/Gangster · #1358384
Woman meets with attorney to discuss charges
Note to readers/reviewers: Assume this is a scene in the middle of a short story. This is about over-zealous law enforcement that I hope will never happen to anyone. I haven't worked out the details yet on how this proceeds.

Sitting at the lone table in the room was a short man with a crisp gray striped suit with a solid green tie. The table and chairs were bolted to the floor. The guard escorted Terry into the room and shackled her leg to the chair. She set her cuffed hands on the table.

He introduced himself as Leo Smith III from a prestigious law firm of five names. He looked too good for a court appointed attorney. Did she get lucky or did he owe someone?

“Ms. Wilson, have you seen the list of charges against you?”

“No – they haven’t told me anything,” she wasn’t sure of anything right now.

“Technically you’re just being detained. They have seventy-two hours before they have to officially charge you.” He continued in a business manner.

“What am I – ”, she started but had too many questions.

“For starters, you will be charged with a hate crime.”

“A hate crime? I didn’t hurt anyone! What do they think I did?” She tried to stand, but fell to the floor, forgetting her leg was bound to the chair. Her knee took the full brunt of the fall. She clinched her teeth and held her knee with both cuffed hands.

The guard jumped to her side. “That’s it young lady! Back to your cell!” He unchained her leg and forced her to the door.

“But I just fell!” The guard must have thought she had tried to attack the attorney. “Mr. Smith, why am I here?” she yelled at the attorney wanting answers as she resisted leaving the room.

“Possession of - ” The door slammed closed and she couldn’t hear the rest.

Drugs? No way. She never touched the stuff. But what else could it be? And what did he mean by hate crime?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1358384