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The story is about the legend of cryptex (antimatter)
“Mind Over Matter”
(The Legend of Antimatter A.K.A. Cryptex)

In the ages of 389 bc, at the land where everything was beautiful yet. Nature beautifies the sight of people who live there. Until a boy was born whose name lingers as Astro. Since his birth he had the talent of painting, his parents raised him by working at the palace where things are unpredictable. The place where Disa and Etro work, Astro’s mom and dad, was pervaded with all the most bewitching people you could ever imagine. There lived the man who sees the future, the lady who can fly way above the clouds, the child who never dies and many more. This was all because of the intransigent and barbaric king who arrests anyone who could feast his eyes. Astro’s parents work as chefs in the palace who serves food for the jailed prisoners who the king caught. They stay behind bars and are released when the king grew tired making them work.

When Astro reached the age of 4, he was given three special things which his parents worked hard buying for. A paintbrush, ink and plywood. He asked his mom thinking that they would make him do man works already, “Mom, can I not do this yet, I am still drinking milk and I am not abled to do such works”, said Astro. Disa apprehended him with a smirk, “Astro you’re not going to work, we gave you this because we want you to improve your talent in painting”, replied Disa. With no hesitation Astro got everything and ran swiftly to a place where he could get inspiration. He sought to a place where everything was peaceful. The trees standing firm and waving gracefully at him, the birds humming, making the beat of his heart come with it, the tingling sound of the waves making his hands move as the water slams calmly, and soon he started painting. He closed his eyes letting the wind move his body, the sun giving him energy and the clouds purifying his mind and soul. He dipped the paintbrush in the bottle filled with ink and started daubing it through the plywood until he finished drawing such a wonderful piece of art. With his amazement he couldn’t withstand anymore showing it to his parents. When he arrived to the lot where their house was built, he couldn’t see their house except a palace as big as the king’s, maybe even bigger. He started staring at it and noticed that his painting was similar to the palace. His parents came out of the palace and asked him with astonishment what happened. “Astro! Astro! What happened? We were just cooking and suddenly everything changed. With disbelief, Astro told himself that it coud’ve been the painting that made it magical. He drew another painting, a painting making the clouds closer to them, and as soon as he finished it, indeed it was closer. He explained it to his parents and at first they didn’t believe till’ he gave them more paintings. At the 4th painting, they believed him. They told Astro not to abuse the talent god gave him, “Use this talent only when you need it, use it for helping other people who really needs it, use it to do right things and doing it right” said Etro. “We know you are responsible enough!, added Disa. “Mom… Dad… What’s wrong? It seems like am going to be leaving you” said Astro with a whispering voice. “The king might grow interest on you and we fear that you’ll be using it for the bad” cried Disa. “What are you talking about, I don’t understand!”, shouted Astro.

Days passed and nature dictated his fate. Indeed, the king heard about the palace that was as big as his and with his cynicism, he brought himself to Astro’s home with a batalion of samurais. When he reached the place, he hurriedly dictated his samurais to arrest Astro. Astro’s home flodded with tears, his parents were fired and was thrown out off Natural.

With the king’s excitement he tested Astro’s extraordinary powers immediately. He made him paint the clouds black and dirty. As much as he doesn’t want to paint what the king’s commanding him, he couldn’t do anything. He was threatened that his parents would die if he doesn’t obey him, and so, he painted ugly things that the king ordered. The next day the king played on Astro’s talent again. This time he made him create a lightning that would have a sound as strong as a rumbling thunder, at a snap of a finger everything else was like hell. Astro finished several paintings that made nature grew mad. He painted volcanoes erupting, the land cracking a wide line, the erosion of soil and many more natural disasters. Everyone witnessed all the disastrous happenings all around the land of Natural. Astro persuaded the king to stop what he’s doing for nature would get back on him someday. The king didn’t believe what he had to warn him. On Astro’s 37th painting, the king wanted him to paint the sun hotter, the akwardness that Astro drew on the plywood was seen very clearly by the guards but they didn’t pay attention. As soon as Astro finished it, the king started to feel something rubbish crawling upon his skin. The king felt something burning above him, he couldn’t explain what it is that makes his excretory system reduce a lot of sweat. He went outside thinking that it would make him feel better, make him feel cold and warm. When he reached the end of the door where the exit lies. A sight-blinding rays of light shaped like a flattened spherical object burned him to death and everything that he owned. Yes indeed that was what Astro painted. The samurais guarding him saw for an instance what he drew but showed no notice, they didn’t stop him for they themselves have had enough of what the king has been doing.

Astro went to the place where the king was burnt and saw ashes everywhere. As he sees the ahes scattered, Astro recalls all the catastrophes runed upon him. Following the king’s death he found no one else to exercise the levers of powers. Soon he came to realize that with powers within him he can exercise the powers of the king and even more. Days and days passed he made himself the most poweful human being on earth, he built the biggest palace in the enitre universe, moved the mountains beside the palace to see each morning a beautiful scenery, he also painted the humanity bowing down to him, and many many more. Little did he know that his parents are still alive, he forgot everything about them and focused more on ruling the entire planet earth. He was drowned by the powers given to him, and yet he wasn’t satisfied. He wants to challenge God by drawing himself ascending upon heaven. Him being a matter to earth disintegrated as soon as he reached heaven because in heaven there’s no matter. He arrived there feeling innocent and pathetic. God talked to him and told him that he couldn’t go back to earth. He was pathetic enough to think that he could be more powerful than him, the one who gave him his powers. God raised his hand, after saying a few prayers, the painting that Astro was holding fell down to earth and as it goes down it turns to a product of technology. In heaven there is no matter and Astro being a matter to earth, he disintegrates because matter doesn’t exist in heaven. As soon as the painting touches the ground, Astro’s parents found it and saw the painting, they saw Astro with God. They knew at once that Astro challenged God for they have heard from the villagers what he has been doing with the power given to him. They cried all day and it flooded cats and dogs. When the tears touched the painting, it turned to something. Making it as a remembrance to their son Astro they named it antimatter for this was the cause of his death.
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