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by Pein
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story about the majestic and strong amekharu, the tengu god.
At the peek of mountain Senbon.. the wind was harsh, wind nymphs, fire nymphs, water nymphs fly around to acknowledge the return of amekharu, the god of senbon and also called the Tengu god. amekharu was a mighty god, he wields the mighty Hyurin lance, a lance that turns anything it stabs into ashes. Amekharu sometimes uses the Hyurin to burn forests and villages when he is drunk. Amekharu returned to senbon from a fierce battle in the valley of the dead, his army had defeated and wiped out the army of jakka, the earth god. The Tengu god was said to be a womanizer and very skilled with a blade. Amekharu rarely lose. Amekharu have seven underlings, the seven guardians of death, these guardians control death and the fate of every man lies in their palms. Amekharu was walking beside the great lake of senbon, it was cold and quiet.. After several minutes. a hooded man appeared and talked to amekharu.

Chapter 1
As the hooded man approaches amekharu, he took a note from his pouch and gave it to the Tengu god.. "it is sent by an unknown warrior from the lands of jakka" mumbled the hooded man.. "ah, very well, carpio, the remaining jakka warriors are sure having a rough time in their place, maybe they sent a letter of apology and surrender?" carpio, the messenger nodded and asked amekharu to open the letter... Amekharu made a big sigh and burned the papyrus paper that covers the mysterious letter.. BEWARE AMEKHARU FOR A DESTINED WARRIOR FROM THE LAND OF FUUTON WILL DESTROY YOU!.. "fuuton? that's the land of the great god of wind shizimaru? I thought that kingdom was already dead because of its lack of food and mana to support the magical needs of its people? carpio said in a confused state.. "i dont know what this letter means but i must say that many countries have the potential to destroy me" amekharu said. "why is that so?" carpio asked. "i have just finished a battle against the jakka and my military capabilities are too low too hold or even defeat other countries" the Tengu god looked at the great senbon lake and his eyes were full of horror and fear.. after minutes of silence, a foot soldier came, panting and tired.. " sir! a fuuton messenger wants to see you!"

Chapter 2
Amekharu along with carpio went to the hall of the guardians and met the fuuton messenger.. "greetings! great tengu god!" the messenger shouted sarcastically, the messenger wear big green turban and a green robe with the fuuton symbol at the back, he has a long nose and black creepy eyes... "how dare you speak to our god without introducing yourself maggot!" carpio roared. " haha! iam sorry, i didnt meant to insult you little one, my name is mizuo" mizuo said in a calm tone. "what is your purpose, messenger, for coming in my territory?" amekharu asked sternly.. "ah, great! my god shizimaru demands war against your kingdom!" mizuo said while smiling ironically. All the people on the hall, the servants, guard and ministers where shocked by what the messenger have said."are you serious about this messenger?" amekharu bravely said.. "oh yes! my master have already made preparations" mizuo once again smiled after saying those sentences.. carpio was furious, his jaw was locked and his eyes are burning with anger.. "get out of here stupid messenger!" carpio shouted and unsheated his blade.. "stop! carpio there is nothing we can do about it, only thing that bothers me is how come you said that shizimaru demands war directly ? " i dont know, hehe because i like to say things directly?!" the messenger laughed at the hall and took a little scroll from his robe.. "listen, Tengu god, this scroll is the prophecy,the name of the warrior who will kill you is written in this piece of papyrus paper" carpio's anger turned into shock.. mizuo remove the ribbon that binds the scroll and he read it.. "el ziho kwe re fuuton ed amekharu shina er gorgodan" mizuo read all what is written in the paper and threw the scroll at amekharu's feet.. "it is up to you to decipher the meaning of that scroll tengu god, haha!" at that time, carpio cant hold his anger no more, he unsheated his blade and swung it directly at mizuo.. after a few seconds carpio saw that he swung the blade in thin air. "how come?" carpio said shockingly and puzzled."he used a teleport scroll to go back to fuuton" amekharu whispered.. amekharu went to his throne and demanded a meeting with the seven guardians of senbon and death

Chapter 3
(in this chapter, i will give the details about the seven guardians)
Greshoire- Greshoire is the oldest among the guardians and probably the most stern. He is often silent and an introvert but his feelings for amekharu and senbon burns with passion. He devoted his life in protecting senbon. He wields the deadly luna blade. the luna blade's strength depends on the power of the moon making it useless in the day and invincible in the night. during day he uses the kree mirror to protect himself from harm.
Mawlkee- Mawlkee is one of the "serious type" guardian in senbon, he has been feared for being short tempered and add the novelty of having his favorite habbit, to kill someone who annoys him. He is the general of the senbon army and wields the awful weapon called kirin mo guit or in short, the zapper. the zapper releases electric shocks and those shocks will scatter to paralyze nearby enemies. Mawlkee's favorite attack is the Raigeki. Raigeki is a summoned thunder from the heavens and destroys anything it lands on.
Chiro- Chiro is one of the down-to-earth guardians and likes to drink wine all night. his skills are mysterious because he use to hide from people when he tries to fight someone. after a fight he usually go to his house and rest for a week. senbon corps spies always fail to see the cause of death of Chiro's enemies. it is said that 200 years before amekharu defeated jakka, Chiro was a former member of an unknown group that have been exterminated by amekharu's forces..
Kray- Kray is the only woman guardian in senbon after her mother died.Her mother was a novel guardian and a friend of amekharu. During the night were amekharu is making preparations against the Grosh rebels, Kray's mother was assasinated by an unknown warrior. senbon police confirmed that the assasin was a senbon warrior. kray is often cheerful and friendly, she helps the poor and protects the innocent. to her, justice is the most important thing in senbon and she lives to protect it. she wields the crescent butterfly blade. the crescent butterfly blade cuts all kinds of mana barrier and mana magic making kray an important person in battle.
Lucco- Lucco is the master fighter among the guardians, and he devoted his life for fighting, he care less among his comnrads and he will sacrifice them whenever he wanted to. Lucco's attitude made other senbons hate him but no one has the courage to fight him upfront because Lucco rarely loses to battles. Lucco wields the giant axe of niflihim, the axe was massive and heavy, it is said that every warrior killed by the axe will add 20% to the total power of the niflihim axe, during the war with jakka, he killed thousands of warriors in one day. the war was almost 100 years.
Mythos- among the seven guardians, he was the loner and the weakest, Mytho's is not suited for fighting. Mythos skills was meant for healing. he is one of the geniuses who discovered the herb called glotoa that healed amekharu when he was poisoned by an arrow shot by a mysterious archer from jakka. Mythos is responsible and kind to others and he will do some things that makes other feel comfortable. He is one of amekharu's trusted guardians. Mythos wield the clover staff. the clover staff releases scent which tickles a person's nose and make them fall asleep. Mythos married a woman named clethea and they had a son named carpio, the messenger of amekharu.
Unknown- stories have been told that the seventh guardian was sent to the heavens and guarded the king of the kingdoms before amekharu was borned. they say the seventh guardian is the strongest and possibly stronger than amekharu but 2000 years have passed and no one had a clue where the seventh is.. 

after a few minutes, the six guardians gather around the hall and sat on their crystal thrones. "welcome everyone" amekharu said and the meeting began.....

Chapter 4
Chiro's refusal
the six guardians sat on their crystal chairs and focused their attention to amekharu. "as all of you have noticed, our military capability is running low and we do not have enough time to make preparations for the upcoming battle" amekharu said in a high pitched tone. The six guardians looked at each other and whispered some ideas. After some discussions, Mawlkee raised his hand and made a suggestion "lord amekharu, being the general of the senbon army, i have notice that you kept a number of soldiers for backup during the war against jakka, my point is, we can use those backup soldiers for the battle" amekharu sighed and said "i have my own purposes for those soldiers, i cannot accept your request"  Mawlkee looked down and felt ashamed. The other guardians noticed amekharu being strange lately after the war against jakka, no one in the room has the guts to ask amekharu about his changes. After a series of reports about the duties of each guardians, Mythos raised his hand and asked amekharu, "great Tengu god, if we cannot use those backup soldiers, what can we do to fight against the fuuton kingdom? amekharu smiled and said, "i have a plan, i made a pact with the goishe kingdom. "goishe? the land of the water tribe?" asked Chiro. "yes" amekharu answered briefly. The seven guardians were puzzled and started staring at amekharu. "what is the pact?" Chiro once again asked. Greshoire scolded Chiro for not being polite to the tengu god, they were both furious but one thing caught their attention. amekharu took a little blue crystal ball at his robe and raised it high up in the air. "Kray, would you mind cutting the mana barrier surrounding this crystal ball" amekharu requested, "of course" kray said in a deep voice. kray raised her crescent butterfly blade, it looked like a short sword with the shape of a crescent moon and a butterfly sculpture at the guard of the blade.. Kray aimed the sword at the crystal ball and swung it down, a loud explosion was heard and blue lights flashed in the hall. After a few seconds, the crystal ball was unharmed and floating. "this crystal ball is the heart of Hobbo, the king of the goishe kingdom, i made a deal with him that his kingdom must work for my sake and if someday he tries to break the pact, i will destroy this heart. "that would kill him right? i wanna fight that geezer" Lucco mumbled. "how did you get his heart your majesty? Greshoire asked, "it is a very long story Greshoire, and one more thing, i want all of you to participate with the Goishe during the war" amekharu said. Before the meeting ended, Chiro was mumbling some words and raised his hand, "what is it Chiro?'" Kray asked "I refuse to participate with the Goishe" chiro said in a lonely voice. amekharu and the seven guardians were shocked by what Chiro said. Its been years since Chiro spoke like that.

Chapter 5
Carpio and his family
Amekharu stared blankly at Chiros's face and asked him, "why?", Chiro answered "those goishe people, they piss me off". Once agian, Greshoire shouted at Chiro and told him to be more polite but Chiro didnt listen to Greshoire and just smiled. "What are you smiling for?are you psycho?" Lucco said intimidatingly, "nothing, its nothing, hehe" Chiro chuckled and walked out of the room. "Geez,what a psycho" lucco whispered. The remaining five guardians went to there camps and prepared their selves for training. Amekharu was left in the room with Carpio. "sir, i wish to ask something from you" Carpio said, "What is it?" Carpio made a brief sigh and said "I want to spend time with my family, can you please give me a week for vacation?" Amekharu smiled and said "You are my most trusted messenger in Senbon, you worked hard for me, to repay your service, i will give you three weeks of vacation for your family and two hundred gold pieces" Carpio smiled and kissed Amekharu's feet and said "thank you, your majesty! your kindness will lead you to your own victory! i will be your most humble servant in senbon!" Carpio once again smiled and bid farewell to Amekharu. Carpio went to the streets of senbon and went to the Altera hills. His family lives in a small hut at the top of the 1st altera hill, the altera has 7 hills and each hill is ruled by a guardian. Carpio opened the wooden door of his house and greeted his lovely wife, Sena. Sena was a beautiful woman with a long black hair and blue eyes. The news of her beauty reached every corner of senbon, even amekharu tried to seduce Sena but Sena is wise and pure. Her love belongs to no one but Carpio."welcome back home, Carpio" Sena said and gave him a piece of bread. Carpio was so hungry from the trip so he ate the bread immediately. "this bread taste wonderfull!" Carpio said. He was so fascinated by the bread that after eating the whole thing, he went to look for some more. "Where did you get that bread? it tasted like heaven!" Carpio said and tried searching for left bread crumbs on the floor. Sena answered "that bread was a gift from your mother, Clethea, she said she bought it at the elven bakery". Carpio went silent for a few moments and then asked Sena to call their nine year old little son Nino. "Nino! your father is here" Sena shouted and went to the kithcen to prepare for lunch. "Father! i Havent seen you for ages! did you buy me a cool wooden sword! i wanna practice fighting! and oh, i went to my friend Mia's house and saw a whole collection of --" Nino stopped speaking when he saw his father laughing. "whats wrong?" Nino asked. "Nothing, i just missed you, thats all" Carpio smiled and gave Nino twenty gold pieces. "ask your mother to buy you a wooden sword at the market" Carpio winked at Nino and they both laughed. After a few hours of playing and chatting with Nino, Sena came and told Nino and Carpio that lunch is ready. "wow! lamb meat! wonder what it taste like" Nino shouted. They all sat on their wooden chairs and enjoyed a lunch full of happiness..

Chapter 6
Amekharu and his family:
Amekharu left his crystal chair. "looks like my kingdom is doing well" Amekharu still troubled by the treats he received,tried to convince himself that everything was fine. "for the sake of my reputation to the heavens, i must overcome any obstacles".He went to the fields trying to observe everything in his kingdom that he failed to notice before because he was too busy living his life full of battles and efforts of building up his reputation to the heavenly gods. "heavenly gods, what shall i do to inherit eternal power to destroy fuuton?". After some moments of lucidity, he remembered a part of him that he kept away for a long time, his family. "for almost five hundred years of fighting, I almost completely forgot that i have a wife to love and a daughter to nurture" he said and went straight to his golden chariot with the horses resting in the dungeons of his well fortified castle. He rode the golden chariot called yiruma which meant accomplishment. Every steps of the chariot's horses made waves of flames that burns the ground into fine pieces of dust. Power, Pride and Glory burns within Amekharu's chariot, these three virtues made him a heartless man that can never see true happiness and love.He marched to the fifth Alterra hill. He arrive at his wife's house, it was a decent house under a giant sycamore tree, its walls were made by compressed dirt which were made hard to become tight stones that were used as the foundation and walls of the house. The house were nothing compared to Amekharu's castle. "How rare of the mighty Amekharu to visit his long forgotten wife" a woman with a  long silver hair and green eyes said unto the god of senbon, the tengu god. She was Ashera, wife of Amekharu. "I ask for your forgiveness my dear one, I have been preoccupied by my duty that I almost completely forgotten you and Delia" Amekharu said while tying his horses on a bunch of sharp stones embedded in the soft grounds of the the hill. "Why callest me dear when you always consider your duty to be the dearest thing in your life?" she said sternly looking on Amekharu with deep hatred in her heart. " Amekharu said nothing  while trying to feign his strength of heart, but the truth is, his heart was wounded very much. "If you hate me that much, then i have no reason to stay here and ask for forgiveness" he said while still trying to convince himself that he is not affected. He went to his yiruma and proudly said "This is the last time you will ever see me Ashera, let your eyes dwell on me for the last time"hoping that it is also the  time for him to wound her heart as well  "I do not need to cherish my last moments with you, for I have long forgotten you" Ashera lied. Another wound in Amekharu's heart. Amekharu prepared his horses and asked Ashera one last favor, "When Delia grow up, tell her her father died and was killed during the war. Tell her that he was a traveling merchant and he loved you with all his heart. I dont want to be condemned by the hatred of my own daughter if one day she found out that his father was a heartless and arrogant person". He bid farewell to his most beloved wife and rode his flaming chariot with a speed that can never be compared with lightning. Ashera looked at the flying chariot like a falling star, wishing her wishes to come true. "Come back to me alive, Amekharu" she said and tears fell on her cheeks.

Chapter 7
"the unwanted visitor"

"death, will strike tomorrow" a fat guy with grown mustaches and beard shouted to a bunch of fuuton foot soldiers. "yes sir" answered the soldiers with tones of death in their tongues. The fat guy was Usimus, a Fuuton officer in charge of guarding the sixth gate of the borders of Senbon and Fuuton. It seems Usimus was moving on his own, ignoring immediate orders of their ruler Ashnard and tried to ambush Senbon's minor camps guarding the borders. Luckily, Usimus' forces failed to reach Senbon due to heavy fluctuation of supplies. Today, Usimus is about to strike again. "All of you who can wield a sword, follow my path and make revenge against the enemy" Usimus was shouting madly, as if he was possessed by something no one can understand. "Our leader has come undone, what should we do?  We might get killed if we strike Senbon too early?" a knight named Greg told his squad while Usimus went to his tent to smoke hookah. "We cant ignore his orders, we might get killed too" the squad members told Greg in trembling voices. Greg went silent and tried contemplating about the situation. "If we continue to follow Usimus mad orders, many will die, I have a plan" Greg said. "What is your plan?" asked the foot soldiers. "We must kill him tonight". The soldiers were shocked, afraid of Greg's insane plan. "That's impossible, Usimus can take a battalion by himself" The soldiers replied while shaking tremendously on their grounds. Greg kept silent unsure of what to do next. "Then to those who value their lives and family, i will make all of you choose, follow Usimus' orders and die or join the Senbon army and together with the Senbon warriors, we can kill Usimus with less casualties". The soldiers were speechless, unable to decide. Usimus came out of his tent and told his army, "I have cahnged my mind, we will strike tonight!". Everybody had no choice but to follow or else they might lose their precious lives. During the preparations in the afternoon, Greg remained calm on his tent, He was thinking of killing Usimus by himself, but he was too afraid to do his plans. "I  cant let them die, Usimus has gone mad".After a moment of determination, without a hint of fear in his heart, he grabbed his sword and went to Usimus' tent. Usimus was there, drinking sake and smoking hookah. "Well well well, an unexpected visitor eh?" Usimus said while blowing  thick smokes from his mouth. "Unexpected isnt the right term, Usimus" Greg retorted while unsheathing his double edged sword. "its General Usimus for you, nameless soldier!" Usimus roared and grabbed his 500 pound hammer with metals of titanium and gold. "You are not a general and you will never be a general" Greg provoked him while placing his sword on guard. Usimus was furious as a lion, swung his hammer down destroying everything in his site. Greg was distracted and lost his concentration, stones, wood, marbles were all flying towards him. The tent was destroyed and the two where facing each other on the open field. "Your pretty stupid, trying to provoke me huh?" Usimus blurted while running towards Greg. Greg was so preoccupied with fear, he cant make a move "Damn, move move" he said to himself. No one was around, he was alone, fighting a berserk ed monster twice his size. "Fool! no one can lift a finger on me bastard" Usimus roared. Usimus swung his hammer and hit Greg at the side. Greg was overthrown in a large boulder approximately 1 kilometer away from Usimus. Usimus made a flash step (flash step is a quick move of experienced warriors to travel distances much faster) "Its a shame to have a weakling on my army" Usimus told Greg while looking down on Greg's half dead body. Usimus raised his hammer, ready for the final blow. "I am sorry, everyone" Greg whispered while closing his eyes.... Everything became warm for Greg, as if fire envelopes his whole body. He heard rushing noises of a what seemed like a chariot "What is this? Is this finally death?" he said and opened his eyes. He saw Amekharu standing at the flaming Yiruma, with his flaming lance on his right hand. "Perhaps you can consider me an unwanted visitor?" Amekharu said to Usimus sarcastically and smiled.

Chapter 8
"Amekharu vs Usimus"
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