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A quaint restaurant review
Pete’s Kitchen
5280 Magazine 2004 Readers Choice*Best Breakfast Burrito*Best Late Night Dining *Best Hashbrowns* Aol City’s Guide Best 2005 * Best late night eats*Best Cheaps Eats * Best Breakfast* Best of Denver 2003 Westword * Best place after 2:00 A.M. Editors and readers * Best Dinner after 10:00 pm readers * Best Breakfast Burrito readers * Best Cheap Breakfast readers * Best Denver 2003 5280 magasine * Best Late night eats * Best place to nurse a hangover* City Search Denver 2003 Best Late Night Dining and Audience and Editorial Winner *Best Cheap eats audience Winner*
With that huge list of credentials I must say my expectations were pretty high! The criteria I went to the restaurant expecting was a quaint environment, friendly, cheery service, and fresh piping hot food with a delightful varied menu.
Heading into the restaurant I was bombarded with bright neon lit sign and pleasantly surprised that this small joint that looked like any other on Colfax was pleasantly charming. The sweet smell of bacon and grease overwhelmed my senses as I smiled hearing the sizzle coming from the open kitchen mixed with the chattering and smiles of morning guests. Scattered around at small tables and booth, or even bar stools everyone seemed to be enjoying their morning, and therefore brightening my mood. Distracted by the hustle and bustle of cooks flipping pancakes and waitresses carrying too many glasses and plates I hardly noticed the pictures of John Elway, 50 cent and Drew Barrymore with the legend owner “Pete” hung proudly above the door.
Upon entering we were immediately greeted by the hostess who also doubled as a cashier.
“Two?” she politely asked.
“Yes” my sister and I replied with a smile.
“Find a seat wherever you please” the hostess relplied while motioning to any open booth or table. We headed towards one near the back corner, though it was still quite in the middle of things. Basically three rows made up the rectangle shaped restaurant; with tables on the left, small booths in the middle row, and bar stools on the left across from the kitchen. It could probably seat fifty in all – cozy, yet comfortable.
As soon as our rear ends touched the old diner plastic cushioning on our bench, a waiter was at our side. After asking if we would have anything to drink she briskly came back within thirty seconds with two glasses of water and ice and questioned if we were ready to order. We of course weren’t there was just too much to decide upon! From the omelets, to the BLT’s and countless sides or extras you could mix and match countless combinations. We finally decided just to go with the Chef’s special and Kitchen Omelet, wanting to see how good their kitchen happened to be, and if their chef was indeed special…. – ha ha content with our choices we sat back and breathed in the thick smell of oil and the bright atmosphere excitement in both our eyes.
Fourteen minutes later our food came out steaming and overflowing the oval ceramic plates. We hurriedly blessed the food and dug in! My plate included 4 large pieces of bacon, a pile of scrambled eggs overtaking two perfectly circular and crisp brown pancakes covered in butter and encroaching on a heap of chunky hash browns. There was really no way to keep any of this breakfast apart so I surrendered as syrup mixed into ketchup and my mouth watered as my stomach slowly filled though I only diminished maybe three quarters of the plate. Next, I had to have a bite of this omelet stuffed with ham, green peppers and onions, smothered in green chili and melted cheese. Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds, the chili and cheese that you couldn’t have thought got any meltier or it’d burn…. Melted in my mouth.  The peppers and onions added a perfect crunch and mixed all together it was a combination worth waiting for.
While we ate, the waitress asked twice if we needed anything and if the food was alright, therefore fulfilling my expectation of friendly and attentive service. Overall if I had to grade this restaurant, I would give it an A minus because well, the only minus was the little brown hair. Tucked so carefully in between egg an potato. My sister and I rationalized that it was probably just a string of egg or hair of the onion… but we both knew. We both fully recognized that we had just found a piece of human hair in this delicious food we had just devoured – yet neither of us were willing to recognize that this restaurant was anything less than wonderful. We loved this little piece of heaven on earth and would recommend it to any and everyone. Whether you’re ‘nursing a hangover,’ or just lookin for a neat place to cheer ya up in the morning or anytime of the day – Petes kitchen is were its at. Enjoy!
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