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Story about a Princess's Christmas, her Prince to be, Santa and surprises.
Princess Ginger was born on Christmas Day seventeen years ago. Her parents named her Ginger because they loved food cooked with Ginger and the smell of Ginger. The name sounded sweet. Princess Ginger was sweet and was kind to everyone. She was the only child of the King and Queen. She loved animals and her life at the castle.

It was Christmas Eve and the Princess had the kitchen staff make up baskets of food for the peasants. She also had some old clothes that she gave to the peasants. She did this every Christmas. She also bought candles and cute rag dolls for the little girls. She even had the groomsmen load up hay for the animals of the peasants at Christmas and three of the palace guards always took Princess Ginger to the village on Christmas Eve. She had been doing this for three years. Her husband to be, Count LaFont loved Ginger and worried about her venturing out to deliver gifts to the peasants. Lafont was French and English. His mother was English and his father French. Ginger assured her beloved Prince to be that she would be safe.

The palace guards had the wagons loaded up and four knights were coming along as well. It was chilly on this night but Ginger couldn't let the village people down. She didn't like to call them peasants. They were English like her and her family. They were just less fortunate.

The knight Christopher helped Ginger get into the carriage. The carriage was white and had purple velvet seats and silver bells on the outside and purple curtains covered the windows. It was starting to snow and Ginger hoped the weather wouldn't get bad. The carriage moved and Ginger sat back on the seat and closed her eyes thinking about how she couldn't wait to marry Lafont. Just then she heard growling noises and yelling. "Kill the beasts!" This was one of the knights and she heard the clanking of swords as the carriage stopped. Ginger looked outside the window and saw two gray wolves. Ginger yelled out the window. "Please don't hurt them! Help me out of this carriage, please!"

The knights and guards put their swords back and helped Ginger out of the carriage. The wolves were growling. "Fetch me one of the food baskets!" The knight Jamison gave Ginger one of the baskets and she took out turkey, chicken and bread and threw it to the wolves. Ginger noticed the one wolf was a female and she was nursing pups. The wolves devoured the food and the female wolf slowly crawled over to Ginger and licked her hand. Ginger smiled and petted the wolf on her nose and the male came over to Ginger as well. She petted him and smiled. The female wolf gently tugged at Ginger's gown. She wanted Ginger to follow her. The knights and guards watched with their hands on their swords but Ginger told them it was alright. She followed the wolves and they took her to their den. The knights and guards followed but kept their distance. The mother wolf bought out five wolf pups one at a time to meet the Princess. Ginger hugged them as they licked her face. Three were brown and two were gray. A half hour later, the pups were getting tired and the wolf parents put the pups back into their den. Ginger petted the parents and they went into the den to be with their pups.

The knights got Ginger back into the carriage and the carriage started to descend into the village. The peasants were glad to see Ginger. The knights and guards helped pass out food as Ginger gave them clothes and rag dolls to the little girls. The little girls hugged her and the peasants bowed and kissed her hand. Ginger told them that they didn't need to do that. She loved helping out the peasants. It was almost nine and Ginger was done passing out food and goodies. The peasants wished her a Merry Christmas and they gave her a white kitten. Ginger loved the kitten on sight. She got back into the carriage and the kitten cuddled up next to her on the warm purple velvet seat. Ginger petted the kitten and it fell asleep.

Tomorrow was a big day at the castle. There would be a feast and a dance at the castle tomorrow. Lafont would be there and she couldn't wait. The carriage made it back to the castle and Ginger took her kitty to her room. She gave her warm milk and she named the kitten Snowflake. The kitten jumped on Ginger's bed and Ginger went to bed. The fire was nice and warm coming out of the fireplace. Ginger looked forward to tomorrow.

A little while later. Ginger was awakened by bells ringing and pounding sounds on the roof. Ginger opened her eyes and she saw a plump man in a red suit and a white beard. The man laughed and his belly shook. His eyes were shiny like stars.

"Hello Ginger. It is Santa. You have been a good girl all through the years. You have been so nice to the village people. You turn eighteen today." Ginger nodded.

"I have presents for you. You will have a long and happy life. You will have two children." Just then a white unicorn appeared like magic out of a fog in Ginger's room! Santa smiled. "This unicorn will bring you happiness. He will live in the woods and only you and other animals will be able to see him." Ginger got out of bed and hugged the unicorn.

"Oh, Santa it is so nice to meet you. No one will believe that I met you."

Santa was holding Snowflake and petting him. "It will be our secret."

Ginger hugged Santa. "You are like the daughter I wished that I had."

The fire crackled in the Fireplce. Santa knew that he must be on his way. Ginger thanked him for the unicorn and Santa told her he would be back every Christmas to see her. Ginger felt so lucky.

Santa waved and went up the Fireplace. The fire disappeared but came back after Santa left. Ginger went back to sleep and Snowflake slept next to her.

Morning came and Ginger woke up. WAS MEETING SANTA A DREAM? She hoped not. It seemed so real. Ginger had the servants helped her dress in her red velvet dress with the green cape. She went downstairs and greeted her parents.

Lafont walked into the room. He took a hold of Ginger's hand and kissed it. Ginger smiled.

All the guests arrived for the feast. There was deer meat, turkey, chicken, potatoes, cakes, cookies and a feast that could last for days.

Princess Ginger and Count Lafont danced. The Count was handsome with jet black hair and dark blue eyes. Ginger was a beautiful blonde Princess that was envied by all the women there.

Lafont gave Ginger a emerald cluster ring and a golden crown with green emeralds to match the ring. Ginger gave Lafont a silver sword that came from China. It had a dragon on it and rubies. Lafont and Ginger were so happy.

Greeting guests and dancing had been a long day for the Princess. Another week, she and Lafont would be married.

Ginger and Lafont were sitting on red velvet couch in the foyer. "Lafont, do you want children?"

"Of course I do. Don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I love you, Lafont."

"I love you very much. We will be so happy."

"I know." The Princess and her Prince to be shared a passionate kiss.

The next day, Princess Ginger went to see the wolves and she bought them meat from yesterday's feast. The wolves and baby were licking her face and she petted them. She hoped the wolves would always be her friends.

Ginger also went into the woods. Santa was true to his word. The unicorn was there. Ginger rode him through the woods and by the pond. She hoped the unicorn would be there for her children to see someday.

Princess Ginger and Lafont were married New Years Day. The wolves stayed in the background but they watched the Princess marry her Prince. The unicorn watched at the edge of the woods. Ginger and Lafont had twins, a girl and a boy, Holly and Jeremy in a couple of years and the unicorn was visible to them. Santa visited them every Christmas. Snowflake was a well loved cat and the wolves were friends with Ginger and the twins as well. Life in Medieval England was good.
Beautiful Poser by Angel of a Princess, Santa and wolf.
Beautiful image of a Medieval couple at Christmas by Kris.
Neat picture of a wolf in the pines by Kris.
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