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I wrote this for my boyfriend. shhhh! he doesnt know! K. Stein
Here, I see your tears
Falling like rain into my hand
I tried to understand
But where I can be?
What could I do?

I see nothing but the tears in your eyes
I feel nothing, but in the pain in your heart
My love, forgive me
I misunderstood you

Life is difficult for me
And I know I never will succeed
Without you in my life
I would never understood love
I can never live without you

I can never leave you
You are always there
In my mind
My life
My dreams

My Love
My Darling
How can I leave you in the part of your heart
Letting you go
Slipping from my small hand

I forgive you
Just never let go
and you fall
I'll fall with you
and let the darkness devour my soul

As long as I have you
I'll live forever
As long as you love me
I can never leave you
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