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2 orphans ask for a christmas gift that can't be bought.
Eight year old Sunny and her four year old sister Alice sit at the table with paper and crayons. They are writing their christmas lists for Santa. Sunny draws a Christmas tree and the two girls color decorations on it. It will be a Merry Christmas card for Santa. Sunny can write what she wants for Christmas, but Alice cannot. Alice can draw what she wants, though.
Sunny puts things down like dolls, books, crayons, new shoes, and hair ties. Alice drew a picture of a house. It looks a lot like the one she used to live in. When she is finished and Sunny looks at it, a tear runs down Alice's face.
"Sunny, I want to go home."
Sunny hugs Alice and through a stiffled sob, "So do I. So do I."
One of Alice's tears falls on the paper and smudges a little bit of the picture. Sunny helps Alice sign the letter to Santa Clause. They walk into the common room of the orphanage where Grace was sitting. Grace was the one that took care of all of the children in the orphanage.
"Grace, can we have an envelope," Sunny asked
"What for?" replied Grace.
"We wrote a letter to Santa and we would like to mail it to him."
Grace smiled as she stood up and walked over to a desk. She took out an envelope and wrote something on it. When she handed it to the girls, they saw it said, "To Santa, From Sunny and Alice." Grace helped the girls fold their letters and put them into the envelope. As she was folding them, she saw the house and the tear smudge. She asked the girls what it was. Sunny told her that Alice wanted to go home.
Grace sealed the envelope and put a stamp on it. All three of them walked out to the mail box. Alice pulled the flag up.
Christmas wasn't for three weeks still, but there was lots to do to keep the girls busy. They helped other girls in the orphanage decorate a tree, and cut snowflakes out of paper. Popcorn was strung and hung around the common room. One night, all the children sat down and made presents for each other. There was laughter and Christmas cheer everyday. One night, they all went door to door singing Christmas Carols. Sunny and Alice almost forgot they were in an orphanage.
Christmas Eve came and Alice reminded Sunny that they were not home. She cried most of the night. Sunny wondered if Santa would know where to find them. Would he give Alice her Christmas present.
Before laying down that night, Sunny got down on her knees and prayed, "God, I know that Santa brings us presents on Christmas, but I also know that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. If you could please help Santa give Alice the present she wants, he can keep all of my presents. I just want Alice to be happy tomorrow. I Love You God. Good Night."
Christmas morning arrived and all of the children in the orphanage were screaming with excitement as they ran to the tree. Presents filled the floor beneath the tree and flowed out from there. Sunny was just as excited as the other children until she remembered what Alice asked for. She looked around for Alice. She was standing in front of the tree, grinning from ear to ear.
Alice ran over to Sunny, "Look, Santa came. He came." She didn't mention anything about home, but Sunny knew that she was still hoping for it.
For a time, while opening presents and playing with toys, Alice forgot about the one gift that she really wanted. It was after lunch that she was reminded of it. Grace asked the two girls to join her in the office.
When they walked into the office, two people were standing there. Grace only had one thing to say, "Girls, Santa got your letter and he found you a home. This nice couple would like to have you live with them. Is that OK."
Sunny looked at Alice. She was crying and smiling. Both girls ran over to Grace and hugged her. The couple standing there held out hands to the girls and said,
"Let's go home."
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