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Young man trying to cope with success and hang on to his former lifestyle.

(A Synopsis)

by Sookie

Sonny Sinclair, a poor inner-city youth, through a fluke becomes a successful Hollywood actor.Bankable, rich, and handsome, he has talent in spades. Personable and engaging Sonny is on Hollywood's A list. The person to see and be seen with.
Through all the glamour, glitter, lights and excitement, the young man is battling his personal demons. A greedy self serving mother, an angry violent baby mama with a son he's in doubt about, and a drug addicted brother. Sonny is even in doubt
about people from the hood who make demands on his time and money.
Trying to maintain an impossible balance when the old life continues to clash with the new. Currently separated from his wife, a high profile dancer, he's overwhelmed with trying to keep it real. He still wants to hang out with his former homies, not realizing this is impossible. Everybody wants part of Sonny.
Can he managed to hang on to success? Will he lose the love of his life and the respect of his best friend?
Sonny eventually learns that you can't always go home again.

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