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This is a letter from a mother that has a third born back in the population days.

Dear Family,

I just wanted to update you on our family. There is a new law that the not so smart government made. My husband can't mkae anymore money because they collected ALL our hogs. The barons told the government that the hogs smell bad and they can't put up with it. Now, we have no livestock and we have hardly anything to eat. If you have any spare food I would like to ask you if you could give us some, it's okay if it is just like 2 cans of food, we just need enough for Mathew and Mark.
The boys are starting schoool again. My husband is working on the fields. I'm starting work myself. I work at a big factory and I guess it is okay because it gives us food on the table. It's so hard for the boys now that I'm not a home. Usually when I get home the house is clean and lunch is ready, but know is different. The laws have changed and I'm here to follow it. My life has changed so much. If only you knew.....
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