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500 words, fiction: Monologue for 12 Days of Christmas
Four Mocking Calling Birds

Songwriter: Good day, Madam. I hope I haven't made you wait. You keep a very beautiful home. I could not stop thinking about the flowers in your garden.

Madam: Oh. Are you finished already? Let me see. 12 buds a blooming, 11 what's a ? Never mind. I apologize but I really, really need this song to be special. I want my sister jealous! Every time she mentions her beau, I want to talk about Allan but I've already told every story twice. I need something new.

Couldn't you make it a bit more special? Flowers are beautiful and romantic but they are a wee ordinary.

Songwriter: Well, the words are written. Regardless, it's a beautiful song. Here, let me sing it to you, hmmm... *sings song*

Madam: That sounds nice but I still don't like the lyrics. Couldn't you be add something unusual?

Songwriter: Inspire me. *looks away*

Madam: I'll give you 5 gold rings if you can add something unique and extravagant to your list.

Songwriter: Madam. You have a deal. I will begin again.

*1 hour later...*

Madam: Sir, how does the song go?

Songwriter: The melody is the same. You seemed to like that part of my song. I only changed the flower lyrics to other things I found about your home and garden. The pear tree blossom is now a partridge. The buttercups are now french hens. The sword lilies are now geese.

Madam: Wonderful. Beautiful. I love it. My sister will be so jealous that she didn't think of this first.

Songwriter: I don't wish to intrude on your personal matter about your sister but why is this song so important? Ultimately, it is still a song that you are sending. As flattering as people can get, I can't imagine anyone actually believing you are getting all these things from your beau...

Madam: Allan? Well, actually I am or rather I already have. It took us years of hard work and scrimping to get here. Allan worked so many hours each day and I had to do without all the finer things like servants and jewelry. Even now, I don't feel quite at ease with so many people floating about the house. Although, the lords and ladies mentioned at the end of the song is fantastic! Where did you find them among my things?

Songwriter: Madam, you have a wonderful collection of music boxes. I even found the drummers and pipers there.

Madam: Thank you. By the way, what are calling birds? I don't recall having any nightingales or song birds in my garden.

Songwriter: Madam, I took the liberty of renaming this delightful creature. You know them better as mocking birds.

Madam: Ah! Thank you, Sir. Here is your payment and the 5 gold rings as promised! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My sister will die when she hears me sing this song of extravagance on Christmas Day.

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