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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Friendship · #1361662
a story about love+Friendship. much work is still needed. This is the first few scenes.
         Song: Here It Goes Again by Ok Go! plays
         scene enters in Melinda in her cubical at a news station with a headset on, typing on her computer. camera on her face as from the monitor
                   Enter Warren Burke behind her
                             Warrens Lips move but nothing is heard (lipping Melinda... Melinda...)
                   Tap's on Melinda's shoulder
         She turns around and removes headset song fades out
Warren: Melinda...

Melinda: Yes. Sorry. What can I do for you Mr. Burke?

Warren: Warren.. Mr. Burke is what you called me in grade school.

Melinda: Sorry. Just trying to be professional.

Warren: Never mind. Any messages?

Melinda: (Hands Warren few note cards) Jack called, said there is a staff meeting at one. Larry wants to know if your golf game is still on for Saturday. And Wendy came by, wants to know if drinks are still on after the taping.

Warren: (filtering through the cards) Tell Jack that the meeting is always at one, and just because I missed it that one time he doesn't need to ride my Fucking ass.

Melinda: You really want me to say Fucking Ass?

Warren: Make something up. And tell Larry, Only if it's not at Pinehurst again. I'll talk to Wendy myself.

Melinda: Oooo, Warren Burke's in love.
Warren: Quiet You! This is a professional meeting among colleagues to discuss our roles in distributing the news.

Melinda: (sarcastically) Right.

Warren: Okay love doctor, any news to report on your end? Since you're so interested in my love life.

Melinda: Nope, been quiet and peaceful on the home front.          

Warren: Is that good or bad?

Melinda: I Don't know. (puts headset back on and returns to typing)
         music picks back up on song
                             end scene.

Enter scene: reception area of a local call center Jay is seated in a corner as the receptionist goes about her responsibilities. Enter John

John: You must be Jay. pleasure to meet you. (shakes Jay's hand)

Jay: (a little nervous. clears his thought) And you must be John. The pleasure is all mine.

Enter scene: Chaotic call center floor. camera walks line of cubical after cubical everybody in each cubical speaking on their headsets.

Voice of John: As you can see here, I run a tight ship. When you are here you are taking calls. You're goal is to get these customers to sign up. Whatever you need to do.

Voice of Jay: I'm looking forward to the opportunity. I have heard that this is the place to be.

Voice of John: Good. I've seen many like you wandering in here all bright eyed and excited. I hope you enjoy it here.
         Camera stops at Edward's cubical. Jay is 2-3 paces behind John.
John: Jay, this is Eddie. He is going to train you and get you comfortable. This is your cubical right next to his.

Jay: Thank you.

         John exits

Jay: Hi, I'm Jay (holds his hand out)

Edward: Thats nice. Do you smoke?

Jay: Cigarettes?

Edward: No, Pole (Jay is startled)... of course cigarettes.

Jay: No

Edward: You will.

           Edward gets out of his chair and begins walking. Jay stalls for a second and then follows.

         enter outside smoking area. There is a picnic table off to one side. sitting there are three women, Hannah, Jackie, and Amber (the receptionist). The three are smoking and discussing Hannah's date that occurred on friday night.

         Jackie: He What?

         Hannah: He copped a feel.
         Amber: When?

         Hannah: Just as we were....
Hannah is interrupted as Edward and Jay walk out

         Edward: Saying hello? Sitting for dinner? He didn't try the old popcorn bucket trick at the movie did he? (lights up a cigarette) Thats second date material only.

         Amber: Shut the fuck up Eddie.

         Edward: Just trying to lighten the mood. Every one, this is Jay. Jay, this is what I call " The Three", Hannah, Jackie, and I believe you already meet Amber.

         Jay: Briefly.. (with little confidence) Hi

         Hannah: (ignoring Jay) Eddie, will you please leave us alone. We are trying to have girl talk.

         Edward: Okay, but remember only good things about me. You can pick on Jay all you want.

         Hannah: Who?

         Jay: (With no confidence) Hi, I'm Jay.
The Three pause, look at Jay, then return to their conversation. Edward and Jay move to the other side of the area.

         Edward: So, tell me about yourself.

         Jay: What do you want to know?

         Edward: Well, Where are you from? Why are you here?

         Jay: Oh, well, I'm a local, actually from the next town over. I just moved out of my parents house and needed a job. This Was the only place that interviewed me. How about you?

         Edward: I'm from back east. Moved here about a year ago. (finishes his cigarette) Well, time to hop to.
Edward and jay return inside.

close scene

enter scene: Eddie walks into a bar and orders a beer. turns around to scan the crowd. camera from edward's perspective scans the room, the bar is big in size and has several tables. On one table there is a game of texas hold'em. camera goes back to eddie getting his beer from the bartender.

Bartender: Your late, but it might be for the best.

Edward: Already down to one table huh?

Bartender: Yeah, this flashy new guy is ripping them apart. I don't think even you could take this kid.

Edward: New guy? (looks over his shoulder)

Bartender: Seat 2

edward pays for his drink then walks over to the table 7 players remain. In seat 2 is Jay. Jay has about 10 thousand chips in front of him, seat 4 has about 4 thousand, and everybody else has only about 1-2 thousand.
Dealer: Blinds are 75, 150. Sir you have the big blind. (reminding Jay to put in his bet)

the cards are dealt seat 3 folds, seat 4 calls. seats 5 and 6 fold. button calls as does the small blind. Jay raises to 800. seat 4 calls. the rest fold.

Jay: you know their only paying 4 spots don't you? Why risk cashing here?

Player: I feel like i gotta gamble to get the best of you son.

flop comes down King hearts, 3 spades, 5 diamonds.

Jay: Whew thats messy. I think i'll let you catch up for free. I check.

Player: (half hidden smile) Okay, Check.

turn shows Ace Diamonds. Player perks up a little in his chair. Jay's face drops, then returns to neutral.

Jay: Hit your set huh? (stares at player. player stiffens and holds his breath.) No, you didn't. I'm All in.

Player: (laughs) You misread me boy, I call. Three aces. (shows Ace hearts ace clubs)

Jay: Just baiting you in. Straight ace to 5. (shows 2 diamonds, 3 diamonds)

flash foreword. Edward and Jay sitting at the bar having a beer.

Edward: You didn't tell me you play.

Jay: You didn't ask.

Edward: I'm asking now. Where did you learn to play like that?

Jay: Everywhere. I grew up playing 5-card draw with my dad for pennies. Eventually he got sick of loosing and took me to a friends home game. They played for quarters. 7-card stud. They taught me the finer points of odds and reading. When Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP and they showed it on tv, I went out and bought all the books on Hold 'em I could. I've been playing online and in home games ever since.

Edward: Wow. You know me and a few guys at work have a home game every friday after work. Don't kick my ass and i'd be more than happy to invite you.

Jay: Didn't know you played

Edward: You never asked.

Jay: What are the stakes?

Edward: Tournament style $30 buy in. Usually around 15-18 guys show up every week we pay 4 spots.

Jay: Count me in.

(they tap their bottles together and take a drink) end scene

Enter scene: Warren Burkes office. through his windows you see that it is night. Warren is behind his desk. Melinda on the other side. the two are already in conversation.

Warren:  Look Millie, I hired you here with me to help give you a perspective on the world of broadcast news. With your experiences writing for your mothers paper, college, and here I thought you would get a direction and choose a path.  You seem to be getting too comfortable as my assistant. Are you even looking for a job?

Melinda stalls then reluctantly nods

Warren: You've never had a gift for lying.

Melinda: Sorry Warren. I just don't know what I want right now.

Warren: Well, you'd better find out soon or else you'll be back home refurbishing "Melinda's Minute" for your moms paper again.

Melinda: I wrote those in high school.

Warren: I know... (sighs) It's Friday, why don't you take off early. I can handle my own phones for a couple hours.

Melinda: Are you sure?

Warren: I can take care of myself. See you monday.

Melinda: (Kisses Warren on the cheek) Thank you. see you Monday.

Warren: (as Melinda exits office) And stay out of trouble, I've got your brother spying on you! (pause) Looks like I have to handle this myself.

end scene.

enter scene Apartment. melinda is in her room putting on makeup in front of her mirror she has changed into casual jeans and a t-shirt. She looks into the mirror and puts down her makeup.

Melinda: Mirror mirror on the wall, what do I need to get on the ball?

         Melinda walks out to the living room Lights a cigarette and sits down on the couch. With a sigh and a groan she picks up her phone and dials. the phone rings and a woman's voice is on the other end.

Voice: Hello?

Melinda: Hi mom, it's me.

Mom: (excited) Oh hi honey! How are you doing?

Melinda: I'm fine. I feel a little conspired against, but I'm fine.

Mom: What do you mean?

Melinda: Why are you encouraging Mr. Burke to get me back home?

Mom: I am doing no such thing. Although it would be nice to see you back here with me and your father. The city is no place for you. It's cruel and not to be trusted. You should be home where it's safe.

Melinda: Mom I am safe. I am 23, I can handle myself.

Mom: Every day I get asked if Melinda's Minute is coming back.

Melinda: (takes a drag of her cigarette) and what do you tell them?

Mom: Are you smoking!

Melinda: No

Mom: You're a terrible liar... That's not a healthy way to live. That city is wrecking my daughter!

Melinda: Look mom, I'm fine... I have plans, I need to go now. I love you.

Mom: I love you too. Call me for a real chat sometime, I want to know what's going on, besides what i hear from Warren...(interrupted)

Melinda: Bye Mom.

         Melinda hangs up the phone.
Melinda: nag nag nag.

         end scene.

enter scene: living room of coworkers house there are two card tables set up in the middle. 13 guys are sitting around the tables smoking and chatting. enter eddie and jay.

Edward: Alright, Lets play some cards! Everybody this is Jay.

Song Dance Dance by Fall out boy begins to play as the night advances, we see Jay playing a lot of hands loosing his chips but enjoying himself and holding many conversations. as a concerned edward sits back plays right and builds a nice stack.

song Dance Dance fades out.

Jay: Well that looks like You got me (saying with a smile) Guess I'll Have to deal, Eddie's my ride.
song Dance Dance continues as Jay deals and Eddie plays. fast foreword to three players left eddie goes all in and looses.

Edward: Well, enough for me $75 please. (edward is handed the money) Were going to take off now. Good luck guys. Come on Jay.

         Jay and eddie exit the house and head for the car.
Edward: What the hell was that? You were a lot better at the bar. and a donkey tonight.

Jay: I want to come back.

Edward: What?

Jay: I used to get kicked out of a lot of home games when I would go in and play my game. I quickly learned a simple strategy.

Edward: And that is

Jay: The first time I go I play every hand and lose quickly, that way I can deal the rest of the game.

Edward: so?

Jay: I learn their game without giving any of mine away. Also, I gain the donkey reputation, so the next few times I go they will think its all luck.

Edward: (thinks about it for a few seconds pausing at the car door.) Fuck it. Lets go get some drinks.

         Jay and Edward get into the car and drive away.

         end scene
enter scene: semi crowded bar. all seats at the bar are filled. there are 7 tables lined around the walls. a pool table and a foosball table in the center. there is a juke box on the wall near the entrance A clock in the background shows 8:38. We see Hannah behind the bar, tending, and in the corner sitting at a table with a pitcher of beer and three glasses, 2 filled 1 empty. Amber and Melinda are seated drinking their beer and talking.

Amber: Where is that ass hole?

Melinda: Do you have to ask?

Amber: He could at least call.

Melinda: Give him time. How else is he going to buy us drinks?

Amber: your right. (both laugh) (pause) (scans the room) So, any of these guys qualify for the "Melinda's Minute?"

Melinda: (embarrassed) Amber!

Amber: What? Its true. and ironic, but you only spend one minute with a guy then he is gone.

Melinda: Thats a lie. and you know it. Besides, you can learn a lot about someone in the first minute.

         enter Edward, followed by Jay into the bar. Edward proceeds towards their table.

Jay: Just how many bars do you go to?

Edward: I only go to the other one for the cards. This is my real bar. We live right up the road and can walk home at the end of the night. Besides Who can pass up the opportunity to mess with Hannah. (to Hannah) Hey Sexy!!
         hanna looks up from pouring a drink to see Edward, immediately puts down the mixer and gives Edward the finger.

Edward: By the way, I'm Edward here. Call me Eddie and they'll dunk your head in the toilet.

Jay: Who's they?
         Edward points to the table in the far corner where Amber and Melinda sit.

Edward: Them.
         The men approach the table, With his hands behind his back, he starts his stop watch. Edward proceeds to pour himself a glass of beer.

Amber: Who is that?

Edward: Hey guys, this is Jay. He just started at the center on monday. Jay, this is Melinda, my sister, and you know Amber.

Amber: I do?

Jay: Hi, nice to meet you. (looks at Amber) Again.

Melinda: you should have told me you were bringing a friend, i only got three glasses. Edward, be a gentleman and go get another glass for... What was your name again?

Jay: Jay. but thats alright. I'll go get my own drink, I'm in the mood for something a little harder anyways.
         Jay walks to the bar and holds his hand out to get service. Hannah walks right by and serves another customer.

Amber: Edward, Honey, why are you bringing work buddies with you to our spot. This is Hannah, Amber, Melinda, Edward time. We don't need our relationship to spread all through work. The last thing I need is John firing me for having relations with employees.
         Jay in the background continues to be ignored, Hannah walks right by him again to serve another customer. from where Melinda is sitting she can see all of this.

Edward: Hey, He'd fire me too. But I like this guy, and I think he could pass the test.

Melinda: Test? (Looks over to see Jay ignored again. stands up grabs her beer, and begins walking toward the bar) Excuse me for a minute.

Amber: Don't mention the test in-front of her, she'll catch on. (pause) Which test?

Edward: (with a smile) Both of them.
         cut to Jay at the bar, hand still out. Melinda approaches from behind touching Jay on the left shoulder. Jay turns around and Melinda squeaks up to the bar beside him.

Melinda: Need help?

Jay: No thank you, I'm sure she'll be right with me.
         Hannah walks by again.

Melinda: Hannah! Paying Customer! (pointing to Jay)
         Hannah stops in her tracks, turns around and sees Melinda standing with Jay.

Hannah: Who's your friend?

Jay: We've met.

Hannah: We have?

Jay: I work at the call center with you, Edward and Amber. Edward introduced me to you on Monday?

Hannah: (looking confused) Okay.. Well, what can i get for you?

Jay: Scotch on the rocks please and make it a double.

Hannah: You got it.
         Hannah pours the drink and takes proper payment

Hannah: (to Melinda) You need anything hun?

Melinda: You know what, i'll have the same.
         They both turn around and Jay begins walking back to the table.

Melinda: Jay, do you smoke?

Jay: No

Melinda: You will.

Jay: Why does everybody say that?

Melinda: Follow me.
         Jay looks over to the table where Edward and Amber are holding hands and watching with quirky smiles on their faces. Melinda begins to walk to the back door to the smokers patio. Edward motions to Jay to follow. Uncomfortable, Jay proceeds outside after Melinda.

Amber: So, how is he going to pass the Melinda tests?

Edward: For one, He is probably the nicest person I've met except you, Melinda, and Warren. He's not in any trouble, nor is he corrupted. Melinda wont put up a fight for him being my friend and coming here.

Amber: And are you going to let that be affected by test 2?

Edward: As long as he doesn't turn into a prick or an ungrateful ass-hole, he just might be suited for her.

Amber: How do you know Melinda will even let him get past the minute.

Edward: He already has.
         Edward shows the stop watch to Amber. She blinks in disbelief.
         fade to outside Melinda has lit her cigarette and is sitting at a table across from Jay

Melinda: So, where are you from?

Jay: (Hesitant and shy, sips his drink) The next town over, just moved out here on my own a few weeks ago.

Melinda: Like it so far?

Jay: Its a start.

Melinda: What do you mean?

Jay: Well, I just don't know what I want to be.

Melinda: I know that feeling.

Jay: How do you mean?

Melinda: I'm in the same boat. Right now I'm an assistant for Warren Burke.

Jay: The Warren Burke, News anchor?

Melinda: The one and only. He's an old family friend. Used to be the editor for our local paper where my mother worked as a writer. When he got the job anchoring out here, he offered to bring me with, hire me as an assistant, and teach me about the broadcast side of the news.

Jay: Well, thats nice of him

Melinda: I suppose. My mother wants me to come home and follow her footsteps writing for her paper.

Jay: Thats nice of her

Melinda: Thats death

Jay: Death?

Melinda: In high school, I had a column where I would interview people, but only for one minute and write an entire article. It was called "Melinda's Minute." It was a big success, but I outgrew it. I've always been able to figure people out within the first minute when i meet them.

Jay: What can you possibly learn in one minute?

Melinda: Before I helped you get your drink, I knew everything I needed to know about you. 

Jay: Like What?
         Melinda smiles and then takes a drag off her cigarette.
         Camera is back inside the once full pitcher is nearly empty. Edward and Amber are kissing.

Amber: They've been gone a while you think we should check up on them?

Edward: Yeah, I can use a cigarette anyway.
         They proceed to the bar

Hannah: Another pitcher?

Edward: Yes please. And what was Jay drinking?

Hannah: Jay?

Amber: The guy Melinda was with.

Hannah: Ahhh the little fellow. They both actually got scotch

Edward: Okay, and one scotch as well.
enter scene outside, smokers patio. Edward and Amber enter, both lighting cigarettes. Jay is staring at Melinda lost and confused. Melinda is just staring back with a smug smile on her face. neither of them blinking.

Jay: Well?

Edward: Well What? (pauses as Jay turns his look to him, hands Jay the scotch) You're not getting laid tonight. hate to break it to you.

Jay: (shocked and confused, a little embarrassed) What!? No! She claims to already have me figured out, but wont tell me what or why?

Amber: Ah HA! Melinda's Minute!

Jay: What?

Melinda: Boys, leave. Now.

Edward: Better do what she says. Lets go over here.
         Jay and Edward walk over to the other side of the patio, leaning up against the rail.

Melinda: Will you please stop calling it that.

Amber: It is what it is, darling.

Melinda: you embarrassed me

Amber: I had to even things out. Edward totally freaked him out with the getting laid joke. Besides, tell me its not true.

Melinda: Its not. Its just a sick game you and Edward like to play.

Amber: Well, on to more pressing matters...

         camera cuts to Jay and Edward

Jay: Do you have to say such rude things in front of Melinda?

Edward: She's heard and said worse, I just like to break into conversations that way. (pauses, looks at Jay who has turned his vision back to Melinda and Amber) Do you like her?

Jay: She's very nice

Edward: That wasn't my question.

Jay: Yes, I like her.

Edward: I don't think it's lustful or sexual, but I know she likes you.

Jay: You do, How?

         The girls are now holding hands and giggling in the background. continuing their conversation.

Edward: She probably told you about the article she had for the paper in high school. Right?

Jay: Melinda's Minute, yeah.

Edward: It was our moms Idea that she only spend one minute with each interview.

Jay: Why?

Edward: Thats all she's ever needed. Melinda has, I guess you could call it, a sixth sense. She will know Within one minute if you're worth her time. If you ask her, she will tell you what your like, how you grew up, what your favorite desert is, and your beverage choice is. I've never seen her get a wrong answer.

Jay: And why was this "Melinda's minute" so important to you and Amber?

Edward: If I want to hang out with you here, you have to pass the test.

         The girls giggle again

Jay: Test?

Edward: Melinda will never talk to a stranger more than one minute unless she likes them. I've literally seen her talk to someone and right when my stopwatch read 58 seconds, she stopped, turned around and walked away. No goodbye or anything. Amber only likes the test, because Melinda doesn't believe us, and she likes to joke about it.

Jay; I don't believe it.

Edward: think about it, we sit in the far corner of the bar. Hannah is the only bartender she acknowledges, Amber Is the only friend she talks to. Both I had to introduce, because otherwise she would have no friends. (pause) Besides Warren and myself that is.

Jay: Thats deep man. You use the stopwatch on everybody she meets?

Edward: Its fun

Melinda: (from her seat in the background) (giggling) Boys, you've been un-exiled and may re-appear.

         Jay and Edward begin walking back to the table.
                   Enter scene: later that night, the group is back inside. The bar has nearly emptied. Hannah has now joined them at the table. Jay and Melinda, sitting across from one another appear to be in a staring contest. Hannah is sober, Jay is buzzed, the others are drunk.

Jay: You're in a loosing battle, I'm not Drunk.

Edward: You've had more than the rest of us, I don't believe you.

Melinda: (With a smile) Its true, he's not, but he is digging into my soul. (blinks) I give up. You Win. Okay you get one question.

Jay: in this "Melinda's Minute" hoo ha....

Melinda: Shit! You too!

Jay: What did you learn about me?

Melinda: (sighs) (Takes a drink) I learned that your not much of a risk taker. You are passive and never in control of a situation. you follow and never lead. Growing up you never really explored much when it came to friendships, relationships, and experiences. You are a gentleman. You like me, and even in your mind, out of courtesy will not even picture me naked. You've never done drugs. (pauses) You Like cake.

Jay: (to Edward) Your right, she's good. (back to Melinda) But I happen to think I control situations rather well.

Melinda: I must admit, I missed you on one thing...
         The table goes silent. The table is shocked. An astonished look washes over Edward's face. Amber spills her drink.

Amber: Shit!
         Hannah goes and gets a towel and cleans up the mess.

Melinda: I had you pegged for a rum guy. When you ordered that scotch it really caught me off guard.

Jay: I'm not a rum guy.

Melinda: and there is just something else about you I can't figure out. Like its hidden deep within. Very deep. Like....

Edward: A disturbance in the force.

Melinda: Something like that.

Jay: Hmm. (pauses, looks at the clock, it shows 1:12) Well I think its about time for me to call it a night. Is there a phone around here, I need to call a taxi.

Melinda: Nonsense! you're coming home with me.

         Edward's face shows concern, his eyebrows raise, Amber as well she bites her lip

Edward: What?

Melinda: I have a perfectly good couch, plenty of blankets. There is no sense in you wasting money on cab fair.

Edward: (under his breath) Oh, thank God.

         Jay looks to Edward who nods. Amber looks at Edward, at first angry, then hungry.

Amber: Edward, (with a lustful tone) I think its time to go as well.

Edward: Thats my cue.

         amber and Edward both get up. Amber hugs Melinda Edward gives Melinda a kiss on the cheek. they turn and head for the exit.

Edward: Goodnight guys. Be safe. And keep your hands to yourself Jay.

Jay: I will. Goodnight guys

Melinda: Goodnight.

         as they exit the bar Amber slaps Edward on the ass. you can hear the crack from the slap immediately followed by a loud half-joyous, half-pained scream.

Amber: Woo-hoo!

Melinda: Well, were stuck here for at least another half-hour.

Jay: What? Why?

Melinda: Edward's apartment is right next to mine, and those two will be VERY loud

Jay: Thats not an image I need in my head right now.

Melinda: Just being honest.

Hannah: (Sitting back Down, bringing another round of drinks with her) and Blunt.
         fast foreword, clock now reads 1:48
Song: Don't Stop Believin begins playing on the juke box

Melinda: (excited) Oh! This is my song! (pauses and frowns, looks at Jay) but you don't dance.

Jay: Sorry, No

Melinda: (looks at Hannah) But you do! Come on lover, lets wreck this bitch!
         Melinda stands up, and it is noticeable that she can barely walk, but begins dancing with Hannah anyway. Jay remains seated. Camera cuts the the girls dancing where Melinda begins to loose her balance and starts to fall. As she falls, she lands right in Jays arms. She looks up at him as he stands both of them up.

Hannah: Nice catch, I can't even react that fast.

Jay: Thanks, Time to cut her off though.

Hannah: Its last call anyway. you'd better get her home before she pukes. I don't want to have to clean it up.
Jay: Yeah, lets get you home.

         Melinda's eyes have not left Jay, she continues to stare at him. She begins to smile.

Jay: Can you walk?

Melinda: I'm fine.

Hannah: (kisses Melinda on the forehead) You have a good night Hun. (to Jay) And you, Hands to yourself.

Jay: We'll be fine. see you at work on monday.
         Jay places Melinda's arm over his shoulder and they begin to walk out. Melinda still smiling and looking at Jay.

         Enter outside: Jay and Melinda Walking to her apartment. As it appears in the foreground they stop in front. a building of about 20 stories.

Jay: This is it right

Melinda: (happy and smiling) Yep

Jay: Alright, lets keep going, we almost have you home.

Melinda: Wait!

Jay: What is it? Are you alright?

Melinda: Never better.
         Melinda looks back into his eyes, licks her lips. and kisses him. Jay, initially caught off guard, tenses up and does not kiss back. Slowly he loosens up and kisses back. this lasts for about 3 seconds before Melinda stops, pulls away, and vomits onto Jay's chest and legs.

Jay: I'm not that bad of a kisser am I?

Melinda: Oh My God! I am so sorry. (she begins to cry but vomits again this time to the ground and onto Jay's shoes.) I'm gonna be sick!

Jay: You're already sick. Which apartment is yours?

Melinda: 1902

Jay: Ok, just be a darling and try to hold it in for a few minutes okay?

Melinda: I'll try

         Melinda begins to walk towards the door, but Jay swoops in and picks her up and carries her through the door. He arrives to the elevator where an Out of Order sign is taped on the door.

Jay: (Sarcastically) Super! (looks at Melinda) you said 1902

Melinda: Yes, and please hurry

         Jay begins to walk up the stairs. camera fades and comes back in on floor 13. Jay is greatly out of breath.

Jay: (singing) She's Just a small town girl

Melinda: (Melinda's eyes, half open, widen. she begins to smile again) Livin in a Lonely World. She Took the midnight Train. Goin Anywhere.
         Jay continues up the stairs as Melinda sings. camera fades. camera comes back in, they are at the door Melinda still being carried places the key in the lock turns it and opens the door. in the background you hear panting moaning and squeaking coming from 1901.

Jay: (out of breath) You really weren't kidding when you said they'd be loud. (Melinda laughs) Where is your bathroom?

Melinda: this first door on the right.
         Jay carries Melinda into the bathroom puts her down just in time for her to vomit right into the toilet. Jay grabs her hair and holds it back with one hand. with the other he grabs his cell phone and dials. as he pushes send and the phone begins to ring the noise from the next apartment stops.

Edward: This better be fucking important man!

Jay: (still out of breath) I hate to cock block, but Amber please.

Edward: Fuck you!

Amber: Jay?

Jay: Melinda drank too much and she needs to get changed and put to bed. I need your help.

Amber: We'll Be right over.

Jay: Doors open, Thank You.

         Camera fades. Camera comes back. Jay is now sitting back against the bath tub with Melinda sitting between his legs, he has them bent up for her to have support. Her hair is now tied up in a very makeshift bun. with her right hand she is holding his left. they are both smiling and laughing. he hands her a glass of water.

Melinda: No More Water.

Jay: Too bad, you need to get hydrated, and two glasses just wont do it. (he pauses, she drinks) I'll cut you a deal, finish this one and your done.

         Amber and Edward finally enter and are surprised at what they see when they enter.

Edward: Looks like you have everything covered. Why did you need us?

Jay: (nodding at Amber) Just you. Melinda needs to change and be put to bed, I don't think any of you are comfortable with me undressing her.

Melinda: (through her glass) I am

Jay: Tell me tomorrow if you still feel that way.

Amber: No, you're right Jay. (grabs Melinda's hands and pulls her up) Come on darling, lets get you to bed.
         As Melinda stands up the vomit and mess on Jay becomes noticeable.

Edward: Holy Shit man! It looks like you need me as well. Come over to my place, I've got some cloths you can borrow.

Jay: Thank you.
         Jay flushes the toilet and closes the lid. Stands up

end scene
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