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A gift described in Swap quatrain. The unexpected always delights.
Surprise Gift

Swap quatrain with first line reversed as fourth line.
Meter: Tetrameter

*Gift3**Heart**Balloon4**Flower3**Flower3**Balloon4* *Heart**Gift3*

                                       My son’s birthday was planned with care
                                       Cream filled cakes that were light as air
                                       Bright balloons for both trim and play
                                       Planned with care was my son’s birthday

                                       Six bright candles stand proud and tall
                                       With silent wish a puff snuffs all
                                       “Happy Birthday” sing merry band
                                       Proud and tall, six bright candles stand

                                       Laughter rings out, as games they play
                                       Music sounds and the bodies sway
                                       In enjoyment they bob about
                                       As games they play, laughter rings out

                                       Waves of goodbye, thanks shouted shrill
                                       Strangely one child hesitates still
                                       Proffers a bloom with praise in eye
                                       Thanks shouted shrill, waves of goodbye

                                       Tears glisten as heart warmly thrums
                                       Joyful mind a song quickly hums
                                       Surprise tribute sends queer frisson
                                       As heart warmly thrums, tears glisten

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