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Free chocolate if you read this possibly
Hello collective people ...

I am new to this site but I am here because Deborah has had a GREAT IDEA

It is still in the early stages of planning but the basis of the idea is this: conversations between creative people can be inspiring, entertaining, humourous,, but most importantly, inspiring. The internet is a great resource for people in different geographical locations to form relationships. It is creative relationships that we are interested in.

What Deborah and I are hoping to create is a group to meet regularly online for a 30 minute live poetry writing challenge. Topics will be chosen by different members of the group on different occasions. The atmosphere will be chatty and informal and the success of the group will depend upon the dynamic created by its members and their interaction... some conversations just spark, and the aim is to create a group in which ideas spark and enjoyment and inspiration and stimulation is had by all.

The poems created will be entered into a vote by members and at the end of each meeting a winner will be declared. Winners will be recorded and at the end of a time whoever is top of the league table will win a prize!

There are three of us so far, and we all think it’s a great idea... anyone is encouraged to join, any age, sex or nationality though good written English is fairly crucial!

For further details get in touch with Deborah and Huw at huskymcclusky@hotmail.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from lots of lovely people and we are very friendly and nice.

Huey Cash

PS ... the prize is chocolate
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