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by Gaea
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Rant about hypocrites.
         OK, we have all seen them. We have even been them at times. I'm sick of them! If you don't know who I'm talking about look at the guy that drove himself home last Saturday night after four hours at the bar, then gossips at church on Sunday about his neighbor who has his buddies over on Friday nights to drink and get loud...and lets them drive home.

        Or the woman who beats the shit out of her kids behind closed doors, but condemns the harried mother who gives her out-of-control 4 year-old a swat in Walmart.

        Those kind are bad enough, but the hypocrites that I'm ranting about here are the worst kind ever.

        I think we overlook alot of hypocrisy in our daily lives; after awhile it almost seems "normal."
        This week I happened to notice it more than usual, and I'm disgusted.
I live in a small-ish city. It's large enough that no one knows everyone, but small enough where you can't go to Walmart or another store and not run into someone you know.

        Supposedly, our city is filled with "small town together-ness" I think that is supposed to mean that we take care of each other and such; all that brotherly-love stuff.

Not so.

Here is an example of what I had the misfortune to see or hear about this week:

        A well-to-do doctor couple that I'll call Steven and Stephanie Christmas shopping in Walmart, (Walmart is the biggest store in the city). Steven pushed a heavily laden cart full of expensive gifts; Wii's, a flat screen Plasma TV, iPods too numerous to count, DVD players...you get the idea. The couple soon ran into another couple that I'll call Jessica and Jeremy. This couple had 2 small children in tow, and apparently a third on the way, judging by Jessica's extended belly. The children were clean, but wore threadbare clothing and jackets a size too small. Their cart had a few small "cheap" items in it.

        The couples chatted for a moment, and as Mr. and Mrs. J walked away, Stephanie sneered at their few purchases. I didn't think much of it, until I rounded an aisle several minutes later and saw Jessica again. This time, she was talking to the eldest child, who was 5 or 6 at the most. I couldn't help but overhear as she asked, "Do you think the boys at (Name of the local homless shelter) would like the green coats or blue better?" The little boy replied," prolly the blue, but just in case, lets get two of both."

        I thought that was sweet to buy for those who have even less. Then shame hit me as I realized that this family who I know pretty well, and aren't well off themselves, were buying gifts for the kids in the shelter. Jeremy recently lost his job due to "re-organization" of the plant he worked at, and Jessica has some medical problems which prevent her from working full-time.

        I went up to her and said, "Hey Jess, I couldn't help but overhear that you are buying for the shelter, and I think that it's great. I'm ashamed of myself for not thinking of them." She smiled and replied, "Don't feel bad a few years ago, we wouldn't have either, but a friend of ours ended up there for awhile. We decided as a family that instead of buying alot for ourselves, we'd celebrate the season by giving to others; at least we have a a home of our home and our needs are met." We chatted for awhile and I continued shopping, thinking how nice that was, but also wondering how my kids would respond if I suggested that.

        As I left the store, I ran into Stephanie and Steven again. We chatted about hectic holiday schedules and other mundane things until she said, "You know, we ran into Jessica and her brood today. God, what pitiful creatures they are. They were buying such cheap crap for their kids...and the kids were RIGHT THERE too! I mean really, why don't they just get their asses and WORK for a living like the rest of us." I said, " Well they are trying, but jobs are scarce right now."

        Steven scoffed, saying, "I don't buy that. I see people in the office every day that are working, but still plead poverty. I think they just blow all their money on dope or something. Some of them are even making nine dollars an hour!" I started getting angry, but held my tongue; I know what it's like trying to care for a family on that much. I began to say good-bye and Stephanie invited me to the annual charity event that evening. I said that I had planned to go.

        That evening, I gathered up my family for the big event to raise money for the salvation Army and other charities. I have three children, one of whom is a high-functioning autistic. I worry what he'll say in public at times, as he doesn't know the meaning of the world "diplomacy."

        We arrived at the auditorium where it was held, and the kids ran off to play games, with the tickets I had purchased). My husband and I mingled and chatted with friends and aquaintances. Of course, I ran into Stephanie. She was chatting with another well-off lady from her church. They invited me into their conversation. Apparently, they had been talking about all the good they will do by donating money. I said, "I can't give very much, but I thought about going to the shelter and giving them a bunch of books that my kids have outgrown, and having a party." Stephanie laughed, thinking that I was kidding. She said, "Oh you must be kidding! There's no way I'd ever step foot in that wretched place. They're probably all diseased, lice-ridden junkies and their kids. They will be overjoyed just to get a few gifts from us. Why waste your time actually talking to those kinds of people? I mean it's not like they're like us."

        I made excuses and walked about in disbelief. Not like us? What was that supposed to mean?

        Later that evening, several people were awarded for charitable acts. I wanted to puke as I listened to a speech made about Stephanie and what a warm, loving, giving person she was. She donated 100.00. I knew that she had spent at least 4 or 5 thousand already on gifts, and here she was strutting like a peacock because she gave a pittance compared to that to help feed, clothe and buy gifts for hundreds of people this holiday season. Wow.

        She spoke of all her "humanitarian efforts" and how sad it was that people should have to do without during the holidays. How she wished she could just take them all into her (very large) home this Christmas and many other things that she went on about ad nasuem.

        Disgusted, but resolute to do something meaningful this year, I left to warm up my ancient car. People started filing out and I watched Stephanie and Steven get into their Mercedes and and zoom away, probably basking in the glory of their good deeds. I pulled out a few cars behind them, and watched in disbelief, though It shouldn't have surprised me, as their Mercedes splashed through a large puddle of icy water, dousing a mother and young child walking through the freezing, snowy night carrying several grocery bags. They didn't stop to apologize or offer a ride. What's it to them if a couple of people are freezing? They did their good deed. Keeping the upholstery clean and dry is more important right?

Here's another (shorter) example:

        I dropped my daughter off at a friend's house one day and met her grandfather. At first, he seemed very nice. He is a deacon at one of the local churches, and spends most of his time volunteering for their numerous functions. After awhile we began discussing the state of the economy and the many things wrong in the world today. (bad idea, I know).

        He pointed to the house next door and said,"That's whats wrong, right there. There's a mexican chick living there with four kids. They aren't smart enough to use birth control. He went on to blast all hispanics as being stupid and lazy, the blacks for the same with the added condemnation of all being drug pushers/users, muggers and murderers. According to him, all Hispanic, African, Irish, Oriental...well every race AND religion except baptist are evil, lazy, criminal, pedophiles, and stupid.

        I was raised in the south, but I've never heard THIS much toxic spewage from one person. He hates all foreigners (what makes up America by the way?), gays, all religions but his own, all organizations, like Girl/Boy Scouts, Masons, Though he sounds much like them, he even hates the KKK.

        I couldn't shut him up to get a word in or leave, ( I was raised to be polite so couldn't bring myself to scream at him). Finally a phone call for him saved me, and I made a hasty retreat. Later, I learned that the "Perfect" deacon has been accused of molesting his grandchildren, treats his oldest granddaughter who lives with him as a slave/mistress. She is 13 by the way. She has to bathe him, cut his toe nails, and care for him in every way now that his health is failing. He claims to be upstanding, caring, compassionate and tolerate of others...at his church and in front of other people. Then you get to know him and he does a 180 and turns out to be more like the anti-christ then a god-fearing deacon.

        I'm so sick of hypocrites. If you don't like someone...so be it, don't pretend to be someone/something you aren't. At least show people up front that you are a hateful pig.

Don't pretend to care for people who are poorer then you, then scoff and snicker at them behind their backs.

Don't condemn others for doing the same things that you do.

I'm sorry for making such a long rant, I didn't plan it to be this long. If you stuck with me this long, then maybe you understand why I'm so disgusted this Holiday season. I wonder if it's just me, or are there really more hypocritical assholes at this time of year?

Anyway, thanks for letting me get this abominable crap off my chest.
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