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Chapter Five

Nothing looked familiar but she pushed on bombarded now by flashes of images in her head. Her head felt full and heavy undoubtedly proving it would worsen unless she could escape. She must escape now! She lifted her skirts and bolted in blind desperation. The images and feelings increased… pressing against her skull. Gunfights, murders, natural and unnatural deaths…too numerous to count and now the whispers began. Some threatening, some enticing weaving in and about the mixed images…calling her, luring her. The multiple voices bombarded her mind as the flood of feelings threatened to overwhelm her. And the mixed scents of gunpowder, leather, and assorted perfumes flowed about her threatening to drown. One particular headstone stood strong and comforting in the distance. She concentrated in that direction feeling only a soothing wave.

She dropped her skirts and covered her ears as she raced to it leaping over misty hands and arms that only she could see reaching up to grasp at her skirts and legs. Kate didn’t know if they could actually touch her but she surely didn’t want to find out. When she finally jumped upon that soul’s site, everything quieted…receding back into a calm after the storm. This must be a powerful soul indeed to offer such peace in all this chaos, she thought thankfully. She gasped huge breaths of air to steady her thundering heart and leaned against the stone. Where exactly am I, she wondered gazing about. She studied the area cautiously while careful to remain upon this particular grave site. Hopefully, James would show up soon.
Then again, maybe she didn’t want his return. She wasn’t so innocent that she hadn’t noticed his increased interest in her. It seemed to have started out pushy and light in the beginning but now she felt his deeper, keener interest since trying to convince her of his brother’s involvement in a possibly arranged marriage. His sudden change unnerved her. Katlyn continued to think as she turned around and absently studied the stone before her with her hands. She rubbed her palms across the detailed carvings and noted with surprise that the stone felt warm to the touch. Her fingers traveled slowly from the top to the bottom noting the outline of a face. There wasn’t enough light to make out any details so she traced the lines again and again hoping to form a picture. But it escaped her. She did, however, begin to feel the faint feeling of….desire. She could feel it blossoming in her heart and between her thighs. Were the thoughts of James the cause of this? Or could it be this soul that had departed? Hmmm… what’s the story on this one?

Now the inexplicable feeling of tender love flowed through her body wrapping her in a warm cocoon. She accepted this enticing feeling as it washed over her not realizing that this could open hidden doors. She didn’t know why she accepted this one when she had just fled from the others. But the void that she had felt earlier began to shrink. Now the desire flowed again but much stronger urging… pushing…insisting. Her eyes fluttered shut as unparalleled erotic intoxication filled her soul; she reached up with one hand to trail trembling fingers across her breasts. Her skin tingled at the caress as she eased her hand beneath the top of the bodice to pinch a soft nipple. It hardened with desire as she moaned with pleasure. Still, the desire pressed her to continue as she now turned again and leaned against the stone.

Reason began to escape her as her other hand skimmed down to her hip to pull up the gown. It moved as though having a mind of its own. Soon her hand found entrance into her pantaloons. The feelings flowed about her blocking the outside world while she continued the exploration. Her persistent fingers moved toward the soft triangle between her legs and quickly she found her most sensitive spot. She started with surprise at how wonderful it felt…

As though knowing what to do, she gently moved her fingers across the smooth, silky skin causing a burst of pleasure to shoot through her body. With more urgency, she rubbed the area harder quickly realizing her need for these pleasures. The feelings increased and deepened as she continued and now she distinctly heard a single faint unintelligible whisper. One hand caressed a breast while her other pleasured her.

“Ohhh….what is happening?” she moaned into the night air unable to control the urges coursing through her veins. Harder and harder she stroked herself while a gentle breeze began to blow. Bit by bit, her newly pinned up fiery locks began to fall in curling cascades until all of it had become loosened. She didn’t know or care how that had happened at this point.

“Katlyn…,” she heard the masculine whisper speak her name. Had she not been so captured by the feelings, she would have fled in terror. Instead, she remained rooted…unable to move as her excitement increased at the mysterious sound of her name.

She stroked herself more urgently as the whisper encouraged her. “Yes, Katlyn… yes…for me…”

Suddenly, she arched her back as lights exploded behind her eyelids and the flood of inexpressible pleasure engulfed her. She trembled at the power of it as the doors opened even further. The void she had felt….disappeared completely as something indescribable filled her.

“Katlyn…,” whispered the voice distinctly near her ear. She could almost feel the warm breath upon her neck and goose bumps shot across her skin. She should be terrified, she should flee, but she couldn’t…and she didn’t want to…

“What soul are you that seduces me?” she moaned trembling under his erotic power.

She felt the pressure of strong hands grasp her shoulders then move down her arms and onto her waist. Then suddenly, she felt part of a man’s form pressing against her back. Fear began to creep across her spine yet still this soul caressed and soothed weaving his magic about her.

“Katlyn, love me….,” he urged surrounding her with waves of blissful love.

The masterful spirit captivated her inexperienced heart but how could she love what she did not know?
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