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by Char
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A poem about refusal to be brought down by those around you.
You just want to cut me down.
You just want to tear me apart
with your hurtful words,
your accusing stares.

Well, do you know something,
I'm not what you said.
I'm not dumb.
I'm not indifferent.
I'm not cold.
I'm not inflexible.
I'm nothing like you said.

I'm not weak.
I'm perfect.

You talk at me like I'm a five-year-old.
You yell at me like you've got every right to.
All the times I've done so well,
you never said a word.
All the things I've done for you,
you never uttered a 'Thanks'.

And when I fell,
you were never there.
When I needed a shoulder to cry on,
you turned blindly away.

You tell me I'm weak.
I tell you, you're wrong.

I'm stronger than you think.
When I fell, I picked myself up.
When I cried, I dried my own tears.
You were never there,
never there for me.

Instead of building me up,
you tear me down.
Instead of love and understanding,
you pile your narrow-minded, selfish, ignoramus views on me.

You make me sick with disappointment.
You revolt with your stupidity.
You tell me of the many flaws I have,
but I refuse to let you bring me down.

I love myself.
I've only got myself.
I'll stand by me till the end of time.
I'm perfect, just the way I am.

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