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Character Building
Paul Macavoy thought he was a man of honor. Appearance wise…to look at him, you wouldn’t believe so. His brown wavy hair fell down past his brown beady, set quite apart eyes His clothes were one day away from the ragbag. The cute girls hanging out at the corner Milk bar would curse and say,’ here comes the rat that dumped us,’ as he walked by. They thought that he always had something to hide. He always pretended to be nice for the first few dates... then he would kiss and tell

It all started when he was just 12.He thought he was God's gift to women, even back then .The ex girlfriends soon found out he was two timing them. Life didn’t start out right for Paul Macavoy. He had a childhood scar under his left eye from standing to close to his Dad while reeling in the catch of the day. The trout became loose and the hook attached itself to his eye. His ego took a bashing. He vowed never to show his scarred face again.

He now uses a walking stick because of a motor bike accident,in which he landed inches from a semi trailer. The motor bike landed on top of him coming home from a nightclub. His wardrobe consists of hand me downs. The only piece of clothing he has worth owning is his wet weather gear for his bike. It’s a leather jacket and leather pants. He still rode his bike to keep his image intact with his so called biker mates. They were only there when they needed a quid or two.

Paul is the youngest of three brothers. This didn’t pan out with him too well at times. He wouldn't admit to being jealous of one brother being a Doctor and the other brother a vet. The hand me downs were a reminder of that. Mechanic work was all he could settle for .It paid well as he mastered the art of conning his customers,but he was always coming home in grease stained overalls.

The pressures of not living up to his parent’s standards became too much for Paul Macovoy. So much so he turned to drink. His wife Amy the little woman he would call her would curse at him ‘Paul Macovoy have you been drinking again?’

The divorce hit him hard. He was strewn out on the street like a wild animal. Even his biker mates turned their backs on him, it was to be rumored. No one knows where he is these days. He didn't like bedding down in one town for too long. Amy was his third marriage. Memories of his mother’s bed hoping days from man to man could have been the beginning of his cheating habits.

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