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by Eve
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An old broken sailor having his final chat with the ocean. His final request...
Mariner's Request

Thou beloved ocean, my heart doth long for thee
Cerulean swells on depth of endless sea
Sweet salty mist as feathered wings on breast
Currents swell and laugh from creamy foam'ed crests

Enchanting be thou breath, brushed with zephyr's bliss
Lips a whisper wait, seductive briny kiss
Languid mantle green of emerald satin fair
Tangled tendrils wave thou sultry maiden's hair

My lady's subjects soar, crying out thou praise
As loyal to thee here as night is to the days
Luscious kingdon blue thou gentle ways to keep
Fairest lady grant to sinners what they reap

Justice done to those that have not reverence shown
To the ships a tatter the howling gales blown
Writhing fury white, such foamy wrath thou wield
In wake of seething rage such sailors' fates are sealed

Restored thy peaceful bliss my mistress ever wise
Rainbows grace thou breast, so sensuous your eyes
Endless waves do break such lusty passion roars
Whispered temptress touch stroked o'er the velvet shores

Crystal lady fair my heart yearns pure and true
Too long we've been parted, thus return to you
Sea hawk's wailing cry, give courage in thou breeze
See me now dear mistress on weary bended knees

Thou haunting calls I've heard, they cannot be denied
So glorious this life when you've been by my side
Thus one final request: Entwine my soul with thee
I wish to be as you so set my spirit free.
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