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a person who blames the inequalities of todays world on decisions made in the past
The story of a person who blames the inequalities of todays world on decisions made in the past and believes that satan is the root of all evil. 

Alas a cold desire to catch up with old times
[Remembering days of you] Screaming devil's child! Devil's child!
Pretending,tormenting, fornicating; thats all you do
Human nature: Labels, Indifference, Extremes
Heaven! Hell!

It's the Devil's child! They are Screaming And Howling!
Wolves Tearing, Mothers Singing The Blues! Girls Going To School!


Fire! Fire! Social Issues! Guerilla Warfare! Ammunition to your Malicious Talking!


Trash! Trash! Trash!

Washing My Feet- Cleaning My shoes For your
General Population
Publicizing, Replicating, Fornicating
Thats All you do

Rockin N' Rolling!
Biting! Fighting!

Sacrifice for your Iron Fists
Doctor Rock

You Can't Eat the Rich!

Shitting Money For
Your Kingdom, Helena
Drop your sovereign sword dances
(We're getting sore)

Seize your Bloody
Maternal instincts
and kill as we scream Devil's Child! Devil's Child!

Torches! Roaches!

He is the Devil's Child! Deliciously Evil!
Melodramatic Semi-automatic
Jet-Black Haired, Pale skin

Mother, Delivery
from down under!
Social structure! false accusations! misinterpretations!
Thy Kingdumb Come!

Dear public,
How do you foresee
the past?

Breeding of Satanic peoples
sitting in taxi cabs
and coach

standing with your children
cooking your food, making
your bed

Restlessness Awkwardness
Reminiscence while you lick
the sidewalks of judgement

Waving to political asylums
with your bloodying red hands

Why you are the Devil's child!

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