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A true story about the night I saw Satan and I lost some close members of my family.
Brian Anthony Knight
The Night I Saw the Devil

         One night, I saw Satan. I was in the car and saw something horrific. It was the Devil and his fallen followers. I was on the road with my aunt and we were driving when suddenly my cousin screamed of evil and then it was Satan. He was sitting at a red light listening to Led Zeppelin, music of evil. The pure evil in his black eyes chilled my eyes in the darkness. His eyes were black, but even the pitch black of his evil eyes lit up the darkness of the night. He was driving a Oldsmobile, the most evil of all cars. We raced home, but the devil, with his trickery, followed us home. With his power, he ate children while he drove down the street. Like little chicken fingers the children were chewed in his jaws of evil.

         I, a small boy, was terrified at the whole ordeal. Then, we arrived home, with the unholiness around my small body, grabbing me like tongs. My aunt jumped out of the car, did a 220 degree flip, then smashed herself into the fence, by the powers of Satan. Satan then stared with his black eyes through the evil air. I ran inside with my cousins: Paul and Sam. My aunt, a big lady, had the juices sucked from her very skin into blackness of Satan. Satan then once again used his trickery to hide among the brush around my home. I went outside and felt an unholy presence around me. Then on my street, drove by a van full of nuns. Satan then used his evil powers to explode the van. There, before my very eyes I saw Satan explode a van. I then knew of his true evil.

         As I was out there, I shouted in horror for the devil to leave me alone, but I should not have said that as it only brought out more evil. Paul then went outside, and Satan used his evil eyes, which now glowed with neon green to make Paul eat Sam's head, then continue to his own. There, in midair, Paul ate his own head. I was like, "What is going on here". But I would not let the evil take me over. I then told him if he wanted to mess with someone, he should'nt mess with me or i'll destroy his pure evil. But I should not have said that as for the next couple years he tortured my cats. Ever since then, my cats only eat each other and can jump tremendously high.

         This even changed my life because I saw Satan himself and I was taught not to mess around with sheer, pure EVIL. My cats are ruining my life and now breed into unheard of numbers and eat each other, only to come back to life in the form of greater evil. Now take it from the words of a victim of the Devil's evil, if you ever see pure evil, do not try to fight it, as it is too powerful. I was tormented by his powers until the summer of 2004, when we once again saw Satan, but this time in the parking lot of a Walmart, which is also a creation of his evil,  and my mother slammed into his Oldsmobile, sending him back to hell, where he remains today, aside from the souls of my nineteen cats.
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