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One of my first published editorials and a good example of my early work.
A World Religion?

Has the global community and the West embraced a Religion of Relativity?

By: C.L. Luce

  Despite what we are told and what we do, it is the result of our actions which determines our future, and the world in which we live today is the result of this new age which began with the baby boomers and gained speed through the 80’s and 90’s. The modern world has become a melting pot of ideas which we have used to create a “theory of relativity” in which all of our existence is relative to the human individual, and thus we all live in our own created little worlds. However despite the acceptance of this culture, we have continued to live in a larger world where people are manipulating very real concepts and patterns to enslave us. Thus, the true power holders have actually successfully created a word in which the people go about living in their own private realities, making them susceptible to all forms of manipulation.

  Here is a purely hypothetical idea. For thousands of years people have foretold the end of human civilization taking place on the altar of a united world religious system. What if this religion is not actually a single religion at all, but a religion which abolishes the sovereignty of any single idea.
  By dividing the populace under a system in which the primary religious focus is promoting the abolishment of establishment by any prevailing religious faction. Already in America we see a religion of anti-religion, in which people use their own beliefs not to promote their own ideas, but to hinder the promotion of other ideas. Basically, everyone would feel better if we just said that we are all wrong instead of saying that only some of us are wrong and everyone else has to go to hell. As a result, in a politically correct society, instead of saying we are all wrong, we have established the same truth by saying we are all right, and that because we can’t all agree, we have to agree to disagree. On this same  token, under the idea of protecting religion, a governing body can create a virtual religion of relativity, which would literally serve to maintain order and balance within the religious community by regulating the various factions. This “World Church” would essentially be the head of the entire religious world as each representative of different faiths would be subject to the rule of the government.

  By doing this, the government could essentially establish a religious epicenter, fueled by it’s own enslaved populace who are concerned more with protecting religious freedom than in advancing there own ideologies. And with this balance of interests, the paranoia of the whole would snuff out any attempt of a coo by a fanatic faction. Because the church would be regulated by the state, military elements would be available to this Ministry of Religion.
Under a world system, and using the blueprint of modern democracy, it would be possible for a charismatic character to easily seize this very sensitive platform by pandering to the self importance of his individual constituents. The key is not to try to unite the people under a single religious ideal, but to unite the people under a religious umbrella. By promoting individual thinking and by allowing people to submit to a centralized authority as a result of their own logic, brought about by a society of segregation who agrees only that everyone can’t be right, a tyranny could easily seat itself.
As our population becomes more and more divided by personal beliefs, a growing tidal wave of people is emerging which says that we are all right in terms of our desire to seek for the Truth, and that whatever “branch” of ideology that we have accepted is essentially the same thing because it originated from the same human element. The logical result is the idea that every religious deity or process represents the same “god” or Truth, and that it is in this common thread that we are all untied.

This is a very powerful idea and it is a tool of unrestrained power if given to the right hands. By uniting the world under an ideology that we are all essentially worshipping the same thing, we have set up a religion to that universal god. With the promise of protecting individuality, this “church” is essentially self sufficient. It will flourish because of simple logic and attention to the nature which propels us.
  In the same sense that we have turned anti-establishment into an established religion, we can turn that religion into a powerful agent of tyranny.

It is knowledge which is the greatest divide between man and the Truth. In a sea of “knowledge” the truth can be easily lost, and the lies can be easily propagated. As our society moves towards an era where we have the world wide web at our fingertips and access to “unconfirmed” knowledge on every subject, idea, and question we have, we are successfully unplugged from every hope of finding the Truth. Information is a smokescreen. Because of the basic simplicity  of the human pattern it would be very easy for a select few to manipulate and control a world populace. And with the changes in humanity itself from a social species to a “hive-like” species, and the decline of moral value in exchange for social acceptance it is easier than ever for these powers to make large advances in there agendas.

The lessons of the Roman Catholic Empire were short lived, and a new head has arisen from the Beast. It is a seed that was planted, propagated, and harvested by the Church in Rome as the lamb of the West. Our fleece has turned red and the Church has maintained its grasp on the Human System. Now with many forces at work manipulating the strings of reality perhaps it is only a matter of time that America molts and sheds its skin revealing a very ugly creature indeed.
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