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                Have you ever felt like an outsider?, Like you needed a sense of security? Believe me you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many teens fulfill this desire by joining gangs. To individuals on the outside, gangs may seem unpredictable and exciting. In some cases, people may even feel as though they provide a safety net to those in need. However, joining a gang can be severely dangerous and frightening.

         Gangs are classified as groups of people who are in each others presence consistently. They do not affect one specific race or location. Gangs are found in several places and ethnic groups. It is common for them to claim certain areas as their own. Verbal and physical fights may occur when someone crosses their boundaries. Gang members will sometimes wear certain clothing items or form their own symbol of communication to represent the group that they are a part of.

         Gangs can be very treacherous when it comes to accepting new members. Usually, males have to fight many members of the gang all at once. It’s not only hard for the guys though; Women have it just as bad. When females want to become a member, they often have to have sexual intercourse with many of the gang members. The process of joining can even require you to beat up or kill someone outside of the gang.

         Doesn’t seem as glorious now, does it? When you get involved with gangs, you’re not only risking your own life, but the lives of others as well. If you ever feel tempted to become a member of a group who will stick by you, I suggest joining a community club or socializing with more people to form validating relationships. Don’t let a gang define who you are, you are capable of defining yourself.
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