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Assignment 2005 writing class. Write rules or laws to protect two sides in an agreement.
A proposal to the legislature:
Laws controlling the sale of used cars by automobile dealerships.

No dealer shall sell a car without disclosing to the purchaser ALL defects, both major and minor, prior to selling car to purchaser. Once ALL major and minor defects have been disclosed vehicle can then and ONLY THEN be sold AS IS if purchaser still agrees to purchase vehicle.
If said vehicle breaks down due to undisclosed defects the dealer/dealership will be responsible for said repairs.
If said vehicles' undisclosed defects cause injury to purchaser then selling dealership can, and will be held responsible for any repairs to vehicle and medical bills incurred by purchaser.

Any dealership that advertises itself as BUY HERE/PAY HERE
then said dealer/dealership shall charge no more in interest than any dealer/dealership that works on a Bank Financed loan operation. This shall keep any dealer/dealership from charging interest over and above the normal interest rate on a car loan.
No dealer/dealership advertising itself as BUY HERE/PAY HERE shall charge a finance charge above the normal rates as charged by Bank Finance loan operation dealers/dealerships.
Any dealer/dealership that advertises itself as BUY HERE/PAY HERE or USED CAR DEALERSHIP and offers no credit check shall not penalize purchasers based on credit worthiness, whether by higher interest rates or finance charges. Any extension of credit shall be based solely on the purchasers ability to repay said loan. This shall be based on the purchaser providing dealer/dealership with true and correct, verifiable income information.

If purchaser provides false or misleading information to the dealer/dealership then the dealer/dealership has the right to take immediate possession of said vehicle with no notice to the purchaser, other than to let purchaser know what is about to take place. If purchaser is unreachable, then upon location of the vehicle, dealer/dealership can take immediate possession WITHOUT prior notification.
If purchaser is unable to make payments (two missed monthly consecutive payments ) dealer/dealerships can take immediate possession of vehicle after giving purchaser two weeks notice of repossession (written). Said repossession can ONLY be halted if purchaser can pay the two missed payments and the next current payment prior to the repossession. Any agreement reached between the dealer/dealership and purchaser regarding any deviation from above must be in writing and signed by a witness.
The above laws are set forth to protect the dealer/dealership and the purchaser. No one side shall have no remedy or relief nor defense of accusation.

The above is a writing assignment from an adult writing class taken in 2005.

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