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just random words

I watch the spirits dance
As I lie on my floor
Awakened to the sounds of the devils
I pour another glass of the green wine
Of which I drink, my mind filled
With the shit of what Jesus preaches.
The image of god is not a simplicity.
Necrophilia in the mind of a mad man
May he reign again through the cold
Black silhouette that which stand before me
Lycans of terror and passion
The vampire may rule this earth
If only one may be tasted of the sweet flesh
Why must all be tortured into a spellbound life of
The church. Do these quote Priest mean well?
After all they are the ones raping are children
I pour the sweet tasting liquid of liberation
Onto the sugar cube .
A mere glimpse of what evil lies before me
I laugh, a corpse that which is dead .
Celebrate furthermore toward the death of someone.
The smell of succulent menthol fills the room
Maybe more she shall laugh.
This plague of which I live for,
This curse or torture.
Beings of a vampiric monarch
They hunt in twos sometimes
Feeding of the one and the same person
The eating of human flesh almost
To me sounding delightful .
To be at an end of time
Standing upon a clock that ticks below me
The goddess will rise form the water of the lake
May death be departed form the souls of lost lovers
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