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My boyfriend is sleeping and I got inspired to write, yay for stealing computers!
You lay there, slumbering the night away. I can not help but gaze at your Apollo figure lovingly, the very encasement of my soul sleeping next to me. Your cheeks, a rosy red like the holly berries that swing low on the bushes outside lightly covered with snow. Your eyes softly shut as you drift off into merry dreams and the gods weave your greatest desires in front of your eyes. Deep brown hair covering your head and gracing the pillow that you sleep on. Ah, you move ever so tenderly! Pink lips part slightly, leaving your mouth ajar to life-giving breath.
I am held in wonder as I watch your lovely body rest peacefully and all my worries flood away because I know that you are happy, that you are at peace. I want to hold your hand and feel your soft grasp. I want to feel and experience the dreams that you are feeling, the dreams that you are experiencing. Gently, I put a blanket over your shoulders, trying to keep you nice and warm. You again softly move under the covers, feeling a new weight press against you but knowing it is nothing of harm.
Not being able to resist a moment longer, I allow my straying fingers to dance along your cheek. As my fingers get closer to your lips, you slowly form a kiss and I feel your feathery softness press against me and send me to heaven. I grin as I watch you continue your sleep. You seem to be too perfect to be mine, you seem to care too much, even as you are with the fates weaving an intricate story of imagination.
Being careful not to wake you, I crawl under your arms, snuggling close against your chest. My head buries itself deep right next to your heart. I feel your head bow down and kiss my forehead. Being careful, I look up to see your silvery-blue eyes looking down at me, drunk with sleep but still filled with adoration. I snuggle closer and feel myself slip away in your arms.
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