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Rated: · Fiction · Children's · #1365716
A fnny chicken who does crazy things.
It was the day before Christmas and Chicken Pal had just woken up. As he got up he stretched and went over to the window. When Chicken Pal looked out the window he saw a sort of white blanket covering the ground but he didnt know what it was because he had never seen it before. So he ran downstairs to ask his mom what was on the ground but she said she didn't know either. So Chicken Pal decided to go ask his friend Honey the Bear who new just about everything. So when he stepped outside he felt a very cold breeze and then he heard his mom calling him and telling him that he needed warm clothes before he went outside. After Chicken Pal got his warm clothes on he went to go visit his friend Honey the Bear. When he finally got to Honey's house he knocked on the door. When Honey answered the door he said " Oh hello Chicken Pal. Why don't you come in for a cup of coca before you catch a cold out there." So when Chicken Pal came in Honey brought out the steaming cups of cocoa and said "So what brings you here on thiis very cold day?" Chicken Pal said "Well I was just wondering what that cold, white stuff is on the ground?" "Oh thats just snow!",said Honey."Snow??", said Chicken Pal."Yeah snow." said Honey."I'm sorry but I'm afraid I don't know what snow is!",said Chicken Pal."Oh well snow is very cold, it is sort of like ice, and it comes from the sky usually in December for the Christmas season." "Whats Christmas?", asked Chicken Pal. "You don't know what Christmas is? Well Christmas is when Jesus Christ was born and we celebrate every year by decorating the house and on Christmas Day Santa Clause comes and brings all the good little boys and girls presents. And you decorate for Christmas buy cutting down a tree and putting it in your house. Then you decorate the tree will allsorts of stuff." "Wow it sounds like fun! So when is Christmas Day?" "Umm its tomorrow. Todays Christmas Eve!, said Honey. "Oh no I have to start decorating and preparing for Christmas Day", said Chicken Pal. So Chicken Pal put all his warm clothes, said good bye to his friend, and set off for the perfect Christmas tree. So he started looking for the perfect tree and finally the perfect tree caught his eye. So he gave the ax a few swings into the trunk of the tree until he heard a "CRACK" and the tree came timbering down right on top of him. After he finally pulled himself out from under the tree he dragged it all the way home and him and his mom spent the rest of the day cutting out paper ornaments,stringing popcorn together, and baking cookies for Santa. After they strung and hung it all around the tree and put out cookies and milk for Santa they went to bed dreaming of gumdrops and sugar plums, very excited for the next day. the next day Chicken pal ran to go get his mom and they both ran downstairs and saw tons of presents laying under their buetiful Christmas tree. After Chicken Pal opened all his gifts from Santa he thought of the boys and the girls who didn't get to celebrate Christmas. So he gathered some toys that he knew he wouldn't play with as much and gave them to his mom to give to charity. That night Chicken Pal wrote a letter to Santa saying: Dear Santa, Thank you for all the wonderful toys but I relized the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and to spend time with your families not how many toys you get. So that is why I gave some of my toys to other boys and girls so everyone can have a great Christmas!! This was a great Christmas and I bet next year will be even better!!! See ya next year. Sincerely Chicken Pal.
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