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Do we ever look at our mundane lives and consider them a miracle?
When we use the word miracle the first scenario that comes to mind is some unimaginable, unforeseen and quite out of the blue occurrence of events. Winning the lottery would be considered by some to be a miracle; meeting the man or woman of our dreams and falling in love would be another and of course, the birth of Jesus, the ultimate miracle.  Do we ever look at our mundane daily lives and consider them a miracle also?

I’m sixty two years of age and so far I’ve been amazingly fortunate to have had only minor physical ailments in my life;  to me, that’s a miracle.  I have two beautiful daughters who have produced three spectacular granddaughters; that’s a miracle.  My family lives in close proximity to me, lucky me or is it another miracle?  My point is that we always think that” the grass is greener on the other side” and never really stop to look at what a miracle it is just to be living in a country where we reside in houses instead of dirt shacks; we always have enough food on the table; we have heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer.  We have clean water to drink and clothes on our back.  We take these things for granted but aren’t they really miracles!

The holidays always seem to bring out the best and worst in our personalities.  We look back on our childhood experiences of Christmas and reminisce about the “good ole days” but weren’t these memories just superlatively pleasant because we were young, innocent and just in awe of life.  Perhaps, our best chance to experience a true Christmas miracle is through the eyes of our children and grandchildren.  My youngest daughter is expecting another baby. Her first daughter was born on my birthday, coincidence or miracle?

I vow to look at this holiday season with all of its turbulent emotional ups and downs, its financial insanity, its frantic insatiability, its jubilant reckoning and call it the miracle of Christmas! 
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