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The process of finding God again
I’m soaring on a whirlwind
Of endless “I-don’t-knows”;
Infinite questions,
Finite answers.
Spinning, spinning,
Spinning round;
Looking for something
That can't be found here.
A bump, a scratch,
Tears, a scar.
Just little mementos
As I meander blind.
“Father, help!”
I finally scream.
“My world’s collapsing,
I can’t find my feet.”
You've been patiently waiting
for me.
Only then do You hold out
Your ever steady hand.
Only then do You choose
To straighten my crooked path.
Only once I’ve lost
Can victory be won.
Only once all I have is You
Can You enlighten my eyes.
No more spinning.
No more scars.
Only love—
Your guiding, miraculous love.
At last, I've found what I sought.
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