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A unique view of politics and politicians

For officials elected
that pretend our Country affected
by what they do,
rather than what We do,
is simply not the truth.

If truth be said
this Country comes
from Those
who fought our revolution
and wrote the Constitution.

And to that we add
every Single Life,

To allow each of us
to live
the freedom
we’ve been given.

Its our Constitution
that allows each of us
to praise our own god,
create our own lives
from our own efforts,
and elect who we choose
to manage
this Country for us.

So the wonder to me,
is how it can be,
that those elected
pretend so affected
to make us believe
the success of our lives
is dependant on them?

When all they do
is posture and puff,
tell a few lies,
collect our checks,
and follow our Constitution?

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