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Marriage and Me

How can it be we’ve been together
all these years and so little we agree?

He loves racing cars, and sailing boats,
smoking cigars, and American history.

I love opera, English plays,
the Grant Park Symphony, and medieval history.

He needs silence in the mornings, I need a conversation.

He loves martinis in the evening, and drinking gives me indigestion.

He loves nothing more than meeting people thru the years.
I hate meeting anyone I haven’t known for thirty years.

He loves the new restaurants, for the surprises they offer.
I love old restaurants, knowing every course they offer.

He likes the top down, and I like it up.
I brake down hills, and he speeds it up.

I like pork and dislike fish, he likes fish and dislikes pork.
I like my meat with fruity sauce.
He likes his meat without any sauce.

I say it’s too salty, he says it’s not salty enough.
I say the TV’s too loud, and he says it’s not loud enough.

I like parties quiet; he likes ‘em alive.
I say it’s time to go, he says we just arrived.

He says it’s the worst, and I say it’s the best.
He says no, and I say yes.

So you tell me why I love him so?

And if you know, you might tell him the same,
since he’s as perplexed as I, as to why he loves me so.

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