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This is the prologue to a novel which is still a work in progress.
Lou ran faster than she ever had before.

Her body leaned forwards and her short legs burned as they struggled to catch up. She flew past house after house on the quiet street, past two small children playing in a garden. She focused all her energy on running. Nothing had ever mattered so much.

She had to make it.

Adrenaline pulsed through her veins and her lungs ached, but she showed no sign of slowing down.

Lou didn't know exactly what she was looking for, until she saw the black school gates and felt a rush of relief. Simultaneously, she heard the low roar of an engine. She kept her eyes fixed on the black gates as a long, blue car appeared to her left.

Lou knew in her heart that the car was his. The only time in the past three years that she had been allowed to see daylight was from within the realms of that blue car.

He had found her.

Panic, frustration, and helplessness coursed from her throat. She tried to run even faster but couldn't and she fell, landing hard on the pavement. Her knees were grazed, but she knew she had to keep all her energy focused on those black gates.

Fear paralysed her legs. Her arms flailed as she tried to stand. A scream formed in her throat but at once a cold hand clamped her mouth, locking in the pungeant, metallic taste. She was lifted noiselessly into the air. 

He would kill her.

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