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Yeah... I'm working on a movie, here's the plot.
Detective Hathorne and Corwin are investigating a series of crimes by a serial killer under the eye of Officer Walcott and his deputy, Joseph. Corwin has a crush on Detective Corey, a female detective. He tries to give her tips when he sees her struggling, but she rejects his advice, telling him they are her cases and asking him to leave her alone.
One morning they awake to find that six teenagers, Robert, Jeremy, Loretta, Michael, Heather and Kara have all been kidnapped. While investigating the houses they find Spencer, a henchman of the serial killer still fixing up the house so it appears as though nothing happened. There is a brief chase scene and finally Walcott shoots Spencer fatally. Hathorne and Corwin begin pressing him for information while Walcott and Joseph search for evidence. Unfortunately, Spencer dies before Hathorne or Corwin can get any information out of him, but not before saying “They’re as good as dead”. Walcott and Joseph return. Joseph has found a file folder marked “blueprints”. The two officers leave. Detective Hathorne and Corwin take a look at it and realize it’s for some sort of cellar.
We next see a scene between Walcott and Joseph in their police car. Walcott is telling Joseph to look out for anyone who could be an insider with the killer, including the detectives. Joseph asks if he mentions the detectives because of a dispute he and Hathorne had several years before.
Back in Kara’s house, an ambulance arrives and they bring Spencer’s body back to the station for studying by Homicide Experts. The detectives deduce that the blueprints seem to be for some sort of cellar.
The plotline then shifts to the cellar group, running around and screaming wildly. It’s revealed that they are in fact the kidnapped teenagers. They eventually decide that splitting into two separate groups is the best idea, as in groups they can defend one another, yet if they travel in too big a group, the killer can easily pick them all off if he has some sort of weapon. Robert elects himself to be the leader of one group, and puts Heather in the position as the other leader (much to her protesting). The first group consists of Robert, Loretta and Michael, while the second consists of Heather, Jeremy, and Kara.
The plot shifts back to the Detectives. As Detective Corey is examining Spencer’s body, Corwin starts flirting with her. She tells him to buzz off. Corwin goes back to his and Hathorne’s office, where Walcott confronts the two. He warns Hathorne not to pull any funny business, like “Last Time”, saying it’ll be his neck and Corwin’s. Hathorne eventually shoos him away.
The story drifts back to the cellar. As Robert’s group is walking, he and Michael get into an argument, and Michael storms off on his own. Soon he finds an exit, but is stabbed repeatedly from behind by the unseen killer.
Back with the Detectives, Corwin notices that there is “$?” sign on the bottom right corner of one of the blueprints. Hathorne decides they should check the banks near the area. Sure enough, one has just been robbed. Hoping they might still be able to catch whomever the apprentice is, the Detectives go to the bank without alerting the police. When they arrive they begin inspecting the bank, looking for another folder. They find none, and to make matters worse, Walcott shows up. He remarks that it looks suspiciously like Corwin and Hathorne robbed the bank and are working for the killer. However just then, Joseph shows up with the person who actually robbed the bank. They check his record, which says his name is Sam Gray. He has had an intense criminal record, so they presume he isn’t working with the killer, but was actually just trying to get some money. The policemen leave, but not before Walcott warns the to detectives that he’s got his eyes on them.
Returning to the cellar, Heather’s group is nervously walking around. Kara screams and the camera pans over to show a trail of blood. Soon the group finds Michael’s corpse, as well as the exit. They go outside of the cellar, but there are no roads or anything. The group decides to go through the woods, and eventually come to some train tracks. Heather goes to try and flag down a train, but soon the unseen person kills her. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Kara are talking about their lives to nervously pass the time, when The Killer drops down behind Kara and kills her right before Jeremy’s eyes. Jeremy begins running through the woods and comes to a clearing, but suddenly a hand places on his shoulder and his screams are then heard as the story changes. He is presumed dead.
Back to the detectives, they are all working hard, and it’s almost one in the morning. Corey is stuck on a case she’s dealing with. Corwin comes into her office and tries to make her feel better, but once more she just tells him to leave her alone. It’s revealed that she had a husband once, Miles. He was killed on day in a lumber accident, when a large tree fell and pressed him to death. Corwin decides to leave her alone for a while.
Hathorne and Corwin are then in their office developing theories when Walcott comes in, claiming to have evidence that they are associated with the killer. Hathorne tells him that this is not a time for retribution and he shouldn’t be using a Serial Killer Situation just to get back for what had happened in the past. Nevertheless Walcott continues with the gimmick, and the two detectives must go on trial in two days. Walcott leaves and Corwin says he needs to tell Hathorne something. It is then revealed that Corwin is working for The Killer, but is a double agent. He shows Hathorne that he has files given to him by the Killer to keep the plan straight, much like Spencer. Corwin tries to get Hathorne to understand, but Hathorne tells him that there is no way that he can trust Corwin, then goes to tell Walcott the truth of the whole matter. However, as he drives he notices the parting of two brothers because of betrayal on the streets. He decides to turn back and help Corwin, who leads him to the cellar.
Meanwhile, Corey is beginning to develop her own theories on the situation after Walcott’s latest storm in. She further examines Spencer’s body and from evidence believes the Killer was Sam Gray all along.
Back in the cellar, Robert and Loretta are having a conversation to keep themselves busy while walking, much like Jeremy and Kara, when Robert realizes the killer is stalking them. He is attacked from behind, but Loretta intervenes, and tells Robert to run as The Killer overpowers her. Robert hears Loretta’s screams as he continues to run.
Meanwhile, in the police station, Joseph and Walcott are in their office. The two are having a conversation about the detectives again. Joseph thinks it’s wrong for Walcott to falsely accuse them. He also tells him to especially stop threatening Corwin. When Walcott asks why, Joseph says it’s because it will ruin his plan, then attacks Walcott, who after a bit gains the upper hand and kills Joseph by shooting him in the chest. He then goes back to the Detective section of the building, where he follows Corey into Hathorne and Corwin’s office. The two find the location of the cellar in the file Corwin left on his desk. Corey is still sticking to her theory, but Walcott is now certain that they work for The Killer. He then holds Corey hostage and the two make their way to the cellar.
Hathorne and Corwin soon arrive at the Carriage House that contains the cellar. They decide to split up, searching the perimeter around the house before going inside.
Inside the house, Robert is searching around, but when he thinks he hears The Killer, he breaks into a run. He eventually comes to an exit, not the same one Michael found, and when he opens the door, Corwin is on the other side. The two make their way towards Hathorne. Robert tells them he doesn’t think that the others are inside, as he would have run into them by now. The three decide to search around more, but as they search in the woods, The Killer exits the house and follows them.
Meanwhile, Walcott and Corey arrive at the Carriage House and follow the voices of Robert, Corwin and Hathorne to the woods. The five are now all met up. Walcott holds Corey at gunpoint, but Hathorne remains calm, and with a gun in hand, begins taunting Walcott. Walcott continues to threaten to kill Corey, but after Hathorne’s taunts continue, Walcott instead shoots him in anger and Hathorne’s gun goes flying. As Hathorne is dying, Walcott proclaims his victory, but is quickly shot by Corwin. He and Corey gather next to Hathorne, but he dies before they can do anything. Suddenly The Killer steps out of the bushes, holding an axe. He tells Corwin that he knows he’s actually working for the police. He then wields his axe and moves forward, saying he will kill both Corwin and Corey. Robert tries to intervene, but The Killer throws him into the bush, saying he’ll deal with him later. Corey tries to use this opportunity to escape, but Corwin does not want to leave Hathorne’s body. As The Killer is about to murder both of them, he is suddenly shot from behind. It is revealed that he was shot with Hathorne’s gun by a barely-conscious Jeremy, who turned out to be just grievously hurt, not killed. The police arrive after Corey calls them. Corwin tells them that it was Walcott, who was allied with The Killer. The police believe it because it would explain why he killed Joseph and Hathorne. Corey asks about Sam Gray, and Corwin explains that he was working with him to keep his cover. The two then share a kiss while Jeremy is rushed to the hospital. The film ends with Corwin asking Robert if he’d like to be a detective, and the final shot is Robert with a thoughtful look on his face.
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