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A poem: "A career in a yellow cab, driving to and fro for customers..."
A career in a yellow cab,
Driving to and fro for customers
Who must utilize your cab’s convenience
At a reasonable cost to make
Most of those trips for them possible. 
Makes for easy living when you know
Where the destination is located –
You simply set the clock in motion,
Taking note of the trip and
The number of passengers,
And drive to another familiar spot. 
Other times, you need directions,
With customers avoiding taking the wheel
Themselves; you somehow get the guy or lady’s
Home address and take him or her
Safely to the comfort of their beds. 
The cabby’s work begins and ends –
Always, with a trip and a destination,
And most importantly, with getting paid
And receiving a seemingly generous tip. 
Pay the blue collar cabby for the nice chit chat
And the remarkably adequate service,
Proving that humankind is, indeed,
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