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A profile on marketing.
Client: Pope Benedict XVI
          Joseph Ratzinger
Objective: Bridging mediums
              Broading demographics
Resourses: TV imfo-mercial, publications
                  Toures and Televised forums.
Hot Topics: Birth control, Celibacy, female emancipation:
                Woman Priest, Priest' scandals, homosexality,
Work Shops: Pope in jeans, talking common sence with ordinary people.
                    A pinic on wooden benches with folk music.
                    Pope on the news, openning a new methadone clinic for
                    young people. Ribbon cutting and hugging.
                    Pope talks tough about Herpes/imfo-mercial.
                    @Sesame Street walk on: Pope explains to kids why
                    men and woman are different with @Big Bird.
                    Pope goes to @NASCAR with the Pope' mobile:
                      talks about Jesus with Jimmie Johnson.

Building a personal relationship.

                    Have a @Pepsi contest. The winner gets a free trip to
                    the Vatican and a visit with the Pope. You can ask the
                    Pope anything you like in latin.

                    Clerical uniforms less severe: a shorter shirt with tights for
                    nuns as well as monks.

                    Vatican video games: Jesus Rules, play Jesus at the second
                                                    coming and kick ass!
                                                    Martyrdum, how many different ways
                                                    can you be martyred?

Notes on Stylization-

                        To promote a sociological groundswell for the Papacy.
                        @Beatle film, short cut shots of the Pope saying mass
                        to @Beatle tribute @Help.
                        @Bond cameo?


                        Send a box of @Hershey bars to:
                                              JC Guilbert
                                              1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
                                              Washington, D.C.
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