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Sometimes you just have to know when you need to listen or need to be there.
Chapter one

"Oh, Zane, I don't want this night to end." I said to my boyfriend, Zane. he turned over and said, "Who said that it had to...Wake up Bandera. It's bright adn sunny outside. It's about 75 degrees right now here in Bandera. Also it's the first day of school for students in the BISD. Have fun at school today guys. Now to you, Dave." I sat up adn yelled, "Stacey, turn that radio off."
Stacey's my older sister. She always gets up at this time in the mornign. The reason I can hear her alarm clock is because her room is right next to mine.
The next I knew, there was a knock at my door. I got up adn opened my door. It was Stacey adn she didn't look happy. I looked up at her and asked, "Why do you have to get up this early every morning?" She pushed me into my room and said, "What I do, does not concern you. Now if you don't mind, i would like to get on with my run before it's time for breakfast. Is that okay with you?" I looked down and then said, "I sorry. It's just right as my dream was getting good, your alarm clock went off." After I had said that, she walked over to my bed and sat down. Then she asked, "

To Be Cont.

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