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Disclaimer:I do NOT own Inuyasha also I do NOT own "long trip alone" by Dierks Bentley
Inuyasha got up out of his jailcell while a officer handed him his passport.

It's a Long trip alone,
over sands and stones,
that lie along the road
that we all must travel down

Inuyasha left the jail and walked for miles going in the same direction not really knowing where he was going.He got a ride on a pickup and then he was halfway home.

So maybe you walk me a while,
and maybe I rest beneath your smile
everybody stumbles sometimes,
and needs a hand to hold,
cause it's a long trip alone

He asked the man if they could switch jackets for Inuyasha was not used to the colness of wher he was.The man said yes and Inuyasha Had a newer,thicker jacket.Inuyasha walked the rest of the way home........

It's a short piece of time,
but just enough to find,
a little piece of mind
under the sun somewhere

So maybe you walk me a while,
and maybe I can rest beneath you smile
you know we can't
afford to let one moment
pass us by
cause it's a short piece of time


Inuyasha walked into a corner bar and had a few drinks while an hour passed.Inuyasha mumbled a stupid comment and got in a fight,then he went to jail for 2 years.....

And I don't know where I'd be without your help
cause I'm not really me without you there

Inuyasha walked up to his old house and walked in,and he saw a note and cried:

Inuyasha,I know it's a long trip alone but you made it long

AN:Please reveiw and listen to the song and by the way this is my first story.Flames Accepted.
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