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Sherri's friends
My dear Sherri, I hope you're feeling better. I'm so glad you're back home and here with us again. In your absence, each of these very special friends stepped up to make contributions to Rising Stars in your honor. What a touching demonstration of love and support this is ! I've thanked each these donors on your behalf. They were so pleased to find that I planned to share this list with you. I know you'll be overjoyed to receive it. Lots of love to you, my dear friend. Hugs, Gab

1) A Gift From: selene (33) sel21
Size Of The Gift: 2,500 Gift Points
With The Email: Sherri's Candle

2) From: dragonblue <dragonblue@Writing.Com
Here is my candle and contribution...{bitem: 1367734}
Size of Gift:12,422 points
Description: Blessing for my dear friend and confident
Sherri Gibson-lighting your way back home.
By: Ysolde

3) sirigina@Writing.Com
A Gift From: sacred_space (18) sirigina
Size Of The Gift: 15,000 Gift

4) Puditat holds candle 4 Sherri (120) kiwiangel
Size Of The Gift: 130,000 Gift Points
A donation made in support of Sherri and her illness at this time. The best way I can support her. Put them to good use.

5) From: mariapanlilio@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 1,000 Gift
With The Email: Re: [Group #1351902] Light a Candle for Sherri Gibson

6) From: gar57@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 50,000 Gift
Donation in the name of Sherri Gibson

7) From Sapph - 08 Gonna Be Great
Size Of The Gift: 5,000 Gift

8) From: retiredmom04@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 1,000 Gift
A donation to honor Sherri Gibson who is ill with a prayer that she`ll soon be completey
well. Carlotta

9) A gift for you from MDuci~Buon Anno mi amicas (164) mduci
in honor of our dear sister Sherri Gibson~PRAYERS PLEASE
Size Of The Gift: 25,000 Gift

10) From: deborahowen@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 20,000 Gift

11) From: isiacs_mom@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 15,000 Gift
A donation in honor of Sherri Gibson

12) From: webwitch@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 10,000 Gift
A donation in Sherri Gibson~PRAYERS PLEASE~ (353) sherrigibson
;s name , as part of the candles and prayers for Sherri

13) From: simply_complex@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 25,000 Gift
Sent in honor of Sherri Gibson and with wishes of her swift recovery. - Nancy

14) From: luvleepoet <luvleepoet@Writing.Com>
(10,000Gift Points were included with this email.)
In honor and support of Sherri Gibson....may she return to us very soon!

15) From: stacylynn71@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 10,000 Gift
Light a Candle for Sherri Gibson

16) From: agarn@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 10,000 Gift
Please accept my donation for this worthy cause.
Sherri is in my prayers.

17) From: fyndorian@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 35,000 Gift
With The Email: candle for sherri

18) A Gift From: D. R. Prescott (13) donprescott
Size Of The Gift: 125,000 Gift Points
Here's a donation to the Rising Stars Charitable Fund hoping that Sherri recovers swiftly and surely.

19) From: of_fire_born@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 30,000 Gift
Enclosed are GP's I'm donating on behalf of Sherri Gibson's
regarding her below lined "Light a Candle Get Well Soon" Forum.

20) From: rainbowwalkers@Writing.Com
Size Of The Gift: 15,000 Gift

21) From: pwnsllc@Writing.Com
I am making this donation in honor of Sherri Gibson~PRAYERS PLEASE~
Size Of The Gift: 25,000 Gift

22) From: mastery <mastery@Writing.Com>
(5,000Gift Points were included with this email.)
Please get better and come home soon, Sherri...We all need you! Semper Fi, Bob

23) From: sandharp
Size Of The Gift: 1,000 Gift Points
I would like to donate these on behalf of Sherri. Let's all pray she gets well soon!

24) From: gabriellar45@Writing.Com
(50,000 gift points were included with this mail)
In honor of our dear Sherri, light of our lives. xxoo
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