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useless ramblings.
Since this is my first foray into the world of online writing I thought I'd start with why I'm here.

I have had this ongoing problem with doing things I am not necessarily fond of.  Most of the time it seems that although I am very proficient in what I do, it isn't really what I WANT to do.  I find that events, people and things tend to remind me that I am not really doing what I want to do.  Thus making me re-evaluate what exactly it is that I like to do.  I have always loved writing.  Writing seems to be the only way I can purge my brain of thoughts that rattle around in my head like a half empty can of spray paint or as my friend John likes to call them - rattle cans.

I am a perpetual rattle can, constantly distracted by the flurry of thoughts cascading down inside my head like a nightime blizzard in January.  Sometimes these thoughts leak outside of the safety of my head occassionally, only to confuse the outside world because they don't sound as amusing to them as they do to me.  But most of the time they bounce around endlessly at the most inopportune times like at 3:00am on a Sunday when the other parts of my person are trying very hard to get enough sleep to make whatever "don't want to do" job is waiting for me in the morning.  I use to write down some of these things, but have since opted for having an internal shouting match with my brain to shut up and go to sleep. 

Which brings me to the reason why the first part of these scribblings mention what I want to do.  I have this dilemma,  I want to take the rattle can and put it to some good use other than entertaining friends and family with little stories, poems and the early morning fights I have with my head.

Rattle, rattle, rattle.
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