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The 7th Chapter in my size chaning story!
Alex's BIG Surprise - Part 7

Cara looked down into Ren's shoe and couldn't beleive what she was seeing! It was Alex, her best friend's boyfriend! And he was only 2 inches tall! As Cara looked down at him in shock and disbeleif, Alex blushed and tried to cover up his tiny manhood from her giant eyes.

"Alex! ...How did you get so small? And just what were you doing in Ren's shoe little man?" Cara asked slyly, beginning to feel some power over over him. Cara had heard of Alex's Size Fetish from Ren, as a girl to girl secret. But she had never imagined that he would be able to accomplish his dream!

After several seconds of silence, Cara became impatient with him and picked the shoe up. Then she flipped it upside down and dropped him out into her hand.

"You gonna tell me now? Or do I have to ask Ren?" She asked sounding a bit annoyed.

That's when Cara noticed the sound of running water stopping and then the stairs squeaking. She looked over and saw a nude Ren walk in with a towel wrapped around her hair and her eyes closed as she walked into the room.

Cara looked on in amazement as Ren's beautiful breasts bounced as she walked, and her shaven pussy was still dripping wet, probably from some fun she had in the shower.

Ren stretched and opened her eyes, hoping to see Little Lex, but was shocked when she saw Cara! She quickly covered up her body with the towel that she was using to dry her hair.

"Cara! What are you doing here? I, er... I didn't hear you come in..." Ren stutters trying to spot Alex somewhere on the floor. Then Ren saw that Cara had one of her shoes in her hand. "Cara? What are you doing with my shoe? Did you come here to sniff them again?!"

Cara blushed and shook her head. "No! That's not it at all!" She said and giggled. "I came over here to hang out with you, but to my surprise I found this." Cara said and lifted a tiny Alex up and showed Ren.

Ren looked at right at Alex for a moment, and then smiled. "Well thank you for finding him Cara. It looks like somebody was being a very bad boy and disobeying my orders." She said and noticed that Alex's dick had some cum on it.

Cara looked at Ren confused and then back down at Alex. "Whoa, whoa, whoa... whoa. You mean you knew he was this size?"

"Well no, not exactly... Here, come with me. I'll get us some drinks and explain everything. As for you Alex... Well Cara, why don't you come up with a punishment for him since you were the one who found him after all." Ren says and winks at her.

Cara smirks and looks around the room, and spots some tape. "Ah-ha!" She says ans grabs it. Then she lifts Alex up and takes off one of her shoes and brings it to her nose and takes a whiff. "Mmm, smell that little man? That's what my feet smell like after a nice hour jog! Hope you enjoy!"

Cara dropped Alex into her smelly shoe and he rolled in, landing flat on his face, with his nose pressed into the toe section of Cara's jogging shoes.

"And to make sure you enjoy it the entire time..." Cara mutters and reaches into the shoe, using a few pieces of tape to strap his body down to the sole of her shoe, his tiny hard dick being pressed into the sole.

Then Cara sets her shoe down on the ground and pulls off the sock her shoeless foot and lays it over the openening of her shoe.

"There we go, now he can sit there and breathe in the scent of my feet, making him horny, but unable to pleasure himself. And with my sock on top, he'll be able to get the air he needs, but still with the scent of my feet!" Cara says and smiles.

"Wonderful job Cara! I don't think I could have done better myself!" Ren says and hugs her friend. "Now come on, lets discuss what to do with our little friend in the kitchen!" She says and walks toward the kithchen and grabs the device, setting it to growth.

As Cara follow behind her, she notices Ren grab the odd looking device and is surprised when Ren turns around and zaps her! Her body begins to tingle with a sensation she had never felt before as her body begin to grow. Cara looked at Ren in shock and pleasure as she took off her towel, exposing her body and walked toward Cara's growing form.

"Now this, will be fun..." Cara said and embraced Ren when she got close enough. Cara was now just under 11 feet tall and looked down at Ren, who had a very horny look on her face, as she brought her face up to Cara's now giant nipple and began to nibble on it.

Cara gasped, not expecting Ren to be so forward in her desire for pleasure. Then Cara brought her right leg up toward Ren and shoved her big toe into Ren's dripping wet pussy. She gasped in fell forward, he face falling between Cara's soft mountains of flesh.

"Ooh, you like that Ren?" Cara asked and she began to fuck Ren with her big toe. She then pushed Ren backward onto the soft carpeted ground and pushed her toe deeper into Ren's body as she moaned again. Cara reached down and plucked the Size Device from Ren's weak with pleasure hand.

Cara aimed the device at Ren and made sure to set it to shrink, before zapping Ren with it! Her body begin to dwindle down, passing 4 feet, and Cara's giant toe filling her up more than ever. Then Cara brought her left foot around pressed it down on Ren's face, forcing her head between her big and second toes, making her breathe in the smell of smelly feet.

And as she was hoping, it only caused Ren to breathe heavier and fater than before, as she began to bounce herself up and down on Cara's toe.

"So Ren? Do you want to be smaller? For my big toe to be bigger? For the smell to be stronger?" Cara asked smirking.

"Oh... God yes! Please Cara! Shrink me! I want to be your dirty smelly little foot toy! I want to be teeny tiny on your giant toes!" Ren said and moaned again.

"Hehe, alright... If you insist." Cara said and aimed the deivce at Ren and pressed the button to shrink her.

Realizing what she said a little too late, Ren screamed as she began to shrink even smaller as her best friend's toe began to feel even bigger than before, and the toes covering her face began to grow larger than before, along with the smell coming off of them!

Ren hated herself for it, but she loved this feeling of being so small with Cara! As she stopped shrinking, she was only 2 feet tall, barely larger than Cara's massive soles! And unable to stand it anymore, Ren screamed in the most amazing orgasm she had ever had, and pumped her body agaist Cara's big toe until she finally passed out from exhaustion... Cara smiled and stroke Ren's hair with her big toe.

"Good girl Ren, good girl." Cara said and looked over at her shoe and remembered that Alex was still in there! "Looks like it's his turn next!" She said and rubbed her feet together nice and smoothly.

The End Of Part 7!
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