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by arkham
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a horror story/ collection of journals.
chapter one
James' diary

January 10, 1899

today we moved into a nice, new house in old arkham. i expect it to be a good place to grow up in. it has five bedrooms, each with a four poster bed, two bathrooms, with gleaming porceline and marble, four kitchens, a marble staircase, and a grand foyer.

january 11, 1899

last night, the most terrible thing happened. father fell ill with phnemonia, and mother had to go to a conference at arkham tower! also, i have lost my copy of a christmas carol! oh well, i guess i must go to harolds bookstore in the morning.

january 12, 1899

you wont believe what happened! father got well, and i found my book! i cant believe my luck! i feel great! mother also got a job at the grociers! however, whenever i am in the bathroom across the hall from my room, i feel the slightest uneasiness. oh well, i suppose ill have to live with it.

january 13, 1899

today, the worst thing happened. fathers phnemonia came back, this time worse than last, and i am worried. the feeling in the bathroom is growing worse, and spreading. i read about the house, and it supposedly is home to the spirits of several mayors, a baron, over five hundred prisoners, and a dog! my good feeling has dissapeared, and, as i said before, im worried.

january 14, 1899

i feel awful. father died last night, and i think i saw several ghosts. now, the house seems more ominous than ever. the front door seems crooked, the marble does not gleam anymore, the entire hall now has the feeling of terror, and my room smells like death. im more worried than ever.

january 15, 1899

i have little time to write this. today, the stove caught fire and the marble now looks like granite and my room feels so awful and i cant sleep at night and.......... a stranger with a knife........ holy god, he stabbed me and oh shit!!!! i...... i....... leave now.........

chapter two
Harold's Diary

june 10, 1910

today i came to old arkham to investigate a burgulary, and now im locked up in this damned room, in this damned house, in this damned town! this room has the worst furnishings. a skeleton on the floor, a diary next to it, a blood splattered broken four poster bed, a knife stuck in the closet door, and, on top of it all, it smells of death!

june 11, 1910

im still in this damned room! at least there is a telephone in here. i have called the police, and their trying to break into the room. soon, ill get out of here.

june 12, 1910

my god, i cant believe what heppened! the police where killed by some maniac with a machete, and i discovered that the body belongs to someone named james. i now fear for my life! i cant get out! theres no escape!

june 13, 1910

now, the police have called the fire department to help me get out. somehow, the body has moved itself onto the bed! i now think the place is haunted. i want nothing more than to get out now!

june 14, 1910

today, the body moved itself to the closet, leaving a trail of blood behind it! the police have managed to open the window, but some strange force is keeping them out, and with them the breeze. now the room is getting so hot and stuffyi can hardly breath!

june 15, 1910

i cant breath in here! im gonna suffocate! the police have gone and left me to die! im. i. we. oh. damn.

chapter four

Ghosthunters beware

september 9, 2003
12:38 pm
today we set off to arkham house, old arkham, new england. it has quite the reputation, with over five hundred ghosts and all.

september 9, 2003
4:18 pm
tape recording: "tch, tch, tch. more people polluting the sacred grounds. we shall make them wish they had never been born, eh?" "YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!".

september 9, 2003
7:44 pm
note scrawled on a piece of paper: 'ghosthunters beware'.

september 10, 2003
12:55 am
today i found two skeletons in a bedroom. they might belong to james gardener and harold king. there is blood everywhere. the window is open. the room had no air before we opened the door.

september 10, 2003
4:30 am
later, ill leave, but first i must...
(sound ringing throughout house)
"HAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"what the hell was th-


arkham house burned down on may 20, 2005, after having taken the lives of over five hundred victims and being used as a prison, a home, and, perhaps most notably, a town hall.
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