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the intro of me and how i found a way to express me
Ah . . yes finally i find a website that i can express myself freely and tell the world of novelists and readers who liked to be entertained. First off i love to write even though i dont spend much time doing it. IM 20 years old going on 21 and my life is ever changing and the world is opening up many oppurtunities as we speak.My name is Eric and im a freeminded person who cares only about making it through life and challenges within my life. Of course i am an amatuer writer but i do my best to get the point across and let people understand what it is i write about. And i bet u are wondering what i like writing about. So let me tell a few things about me . .i enjoy writing short stories and most of them are fantasy and real life experiences. I like to keep my readers really thinking about realism and what it means to me. I believe if you cannot describe your feelings or whoever character u may be writing about then what and where do u think the reader is going to think about when he/she gets done? im sorry im jumping around a bit but i want whoever may be reading to keep their eyes and mind open. My personality is very valuable to me and it really helps me judge others as well. Here is a little sample of me. One thing that is a real quality in my personality is my fun and outgoing ways. I love to joke around a bit and make fun of course i know when the right time is and when not to. My whole mission of my personality is to entertain and i love it! I do make my friends and family laugh. I love impersonating others it really gets me going and it kind of shocks people when I sound exactly like who i am impersonating. Another part of my personality is I am very talkative, anything u talk about i always have an opinion about it. Im well tuned into philosphy and sociology because i know how the human mind thinks and works . .at least i think i do(>_<)!! Well there is enough information about me that i think i should really let my writing do the talking! I hope this was a good introduction about myself and kinda gives a little edge to reading more about me. I will continue my Bio before i go into really writing. I believe in one theory and motto when it comes to writing . ." Those who share their thoughts and opinions and are fearless about it go further in life and are respected than those who hold their tongue and let their thoughts boil their brain."-my own quote. Thats another thing i love doing is giving an idea and letting the reader thing for a moment so they can refresh their memory of what they just read and let it intoxicate their minds.
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