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by matt
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its about a man who find him seslf and his true power in his adventure.
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        As a child I remember that no one ever liked me. My name is De' Mom Tosas but as a child the people in my village called me Demon. No one cared if i were live or die because as my name to them says I have a demon inside of me! It used to be a powerful spirt filled with joy until its power ran him a stray from the path of good. It was the spirt of a fox it was cunning and sneaky and his powers were great,and when he became over confident with himself he became evil and one of the great sages from our village sealed him in a newborn's body the seal was on the baby's right arm.
        The newborn's name was De' Mon Tosas or as you'll here me say alot me or I. At  the age of 5 i was hated by everyone i came across. They called me the Demon child. And I let their remarks get to me and i became a theif , i stole from anyone and everyoneI did not care anymore. At the age of 15 I got arrested about 20 times but i still keep doing what I did. At the age of 18 I meet my spirt guide and it just so happened to be a black fox.
        It seems like i have had a messed up life since the day i was born on the 17th day of the second month. On my 21st birthday i'll be spending it in jail I have no one i am no one but a thief. As i lay there in my cell waiting for that day to come,on the 16th of the second month came the gaurd walks over to my cell and said "fix yourself up we got a meeting to go to", Well what I thought when he said that i thought I was going to get hung from my neck like a stocking. He said once more "we gotta go see the king get up!" I said to myself "What would the king want with someone like me."  so i got up and got ready .         
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